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Photo from Petit Amuse. Click on the pic to go there.

Product Description:

Unlike most crackers, Castleton crackers are not just vehicles for other foods but are flavorful and hearty enough to be standalone snacks. They come in large cracker sheets that you break, which adds a nice rustic quality but are sophisticated enough to present at a dinner party. With the addition of caraway, sesame and poppy seeds, this rye cracker has not only a strong rye flavor but also pleasant nuttiness. It would be stellar with cream cheese and lox or for snacking on its own.

These Castleton Crackers are available from Petit Amuse.

Tea Suggestion:

With such a hearty texture and tasty rye flavor, I wanted something that would complement the cracker without overwhelming it.  I chose this 2012 Margarets Hope 2nd Flush Darjeeling from Darjeeling Tea Lovers.  The delicious muscatel notes of the tea seemed to accent the unique complexity of the cracker, while something about the buttery taste of the cracker and the astringency of the tea just seemed to really go together perfectly.

What I Think:

Having already tried the Windham Wheat crackers from Castleton, I was pretty confident that I’d probably enjoy these crackers, even though rye crackers are not usually something I tend to reach for when shopping for crackers.  I usually prefer wheat (and I like the rice crackers too!).  It’s not that I dislike rye, I actually quite like rye bread, I just never really considered rye crackers.

But now that they’re sitting in front of me and I’m devouring the small sampler package that was part of my Petit Amuse box for October, I’m asking myself WHY have I never really considered rye crackers?  I really am enjoying these.

I love the caraway seeds and the flavor they add to the cracker.  They are slightly anise-y, adding a hint of licorice-y flavor to the cracker, while the poppy seeds add a nice crunch and the sesame seeds add a nice, nutty flavor to the cracker.  These crackers are even better than rye bread, and I daresay that I like these better than the Windham Wheat!  They have that same buttery, delicious quality of the Windham Wheat crackers, but, with more texture!

My Final Thoughts:

I like these crackers a lot.  I am considering making these a permanent staple in my pantry.

Hooray … it’s another month, and that means a new month for Knoshbox!   To think … a couple of months I was so sad about Foodzie merging with Joyus and now I’m overJoyus to have found both Knoshbox AND Petit Amuse.  (Don’t you love the punny double meaning there?)

Anyway… this month’s Knoshbox theme is “Wine Trail Box” and while this isn’t really a theme that excites me a whole lot… the contents of the box DO excite me and I can simply replace the “Wine” with “Tea” and just as easily call this a Tea Trail Box… because these will make wonderfully tasty tea time treats!

Tucked inside this month’s box was a package of Castleton Crackers, Rosemary and Olive Oil Chips from Deep River Snacks, A Chorizo Rioja sausage from Olympic Provisions, a cinnamon-clove Simple Square bar, and a chocolate bar from Madecasse Chocolate.  (Um… why yes, I did say CHOCOLATE!)

Also included with the box was a theme card that told a little bit about each of the snacks as well as offered a wine suggestion for each snack.  And while this is a very intriguing group of snacks that would go nicely with wine… as a tea drinker, I look forward to finding just the right tea pairing with each of these.

Also on the back of the theme card was another hand written note.  I’ve got to tell you, it’s little touches like these that makes me miss Foodzie less and less … and I look forward to what the coming months might bring with Knoshbox!