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Product Description:

Dark semisweet chocolate and natural peppermint oil. Creamy dark chocolate gives way to refreshing natural peppermint; the flavors of chocolate and peppermint swirl on your palate, ending in a cool mint finish.

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Tea Suggestion:

As this is a fairly large chocolate bar (and so delicious!) I wanted to savor it on several occasions so I broke it up into thirds.  The first third, I enjoyed with Emperor’s Gold from The Tao of Tea.  I love how the deep, rich, chocolate-y tones of the tea complemented the dark chocolate flavor.  With this tea, the chocolate was more focused than the peppermint, although, the peppermint was still quite prominent.  With my second tasting, I tried a green tea:  Organic Sencha from Den’s Tea.  While this was an enjoyable pairing, I didn’t find that the green tea really highlighted the flavors of the chocolate or the mint, and I think that a Moroccan Mint might have made a better pairing.  Finally, with my third tasting, I brewed this Silver Needle from Rishi Tea.  I think that the chocolate brought out some of the mineral-y kind of notes in the tea, which I didn’t really experience when I drank the tea previously.  It was interesting trying this with all three teas, but I think my favorite was the Emperor’s Gold.

What I Think:

I don’t shop at Whole Foods often because, let’s face it, it’s not the cheapest place to procure one’s groceries.  And as I have a family to feed and we are on a tight budget, like so many others out there, I get most of what I need at a “bag-your-own-groceries-and-save” type of grocery store.

However, on occasion there is something I want or need that can only be found at a “natural foods” grocery store.  And when I do happen to visit my local Whole Foods market, there are a couple of areas that I always visit.  One of them is the chocolate aisle.  I don’t always buy chocolate, but, as a chocoholic, I actually even enjoy the drool factor of walking through the chocolate aisle.  Sad, yes, but true.

This is one of the bars I picked up on my most recent visit.  I don’t usually choose a minty type confection – I mean, I like them alright, but I usually prefer a nutty confection to a mint one – but, I was in the mood for mint chocolate and this is the bar that caught my eye.

As I mentioned above, this was a fairly large bar (3.2 ounces), so, I decided to break it into thirds so that I could extend my chocolate enjoyment.  I’m sure that if I wanted to, I could probably have polished off the whole bar in one sitting, but, I wasn’t looking to over-indulge, just satisfy my chocoholic sweet tooth craving.

When breaking the bar, I listened for the snap, and there is a slight snap to this… however, since it is 55% cocoa, it isn’t quite as sharp a snap as when I’d break a higher cocoa content bar.  The texture is soft and silky, not quite as creamy as a milk chocolate, but much richer.  Deliciously sweet, with hints of bitterness to keep it interesting.

The mint is not an overpowering flavor, I find the two components are very harmonious.  A very enjoyable bar, I prefer this to the creamy peppermint patty type of candy bars, because I find those a bit too sweet for my liking.  This focuses more on the chocolate than the mint, and for this chocoholic, that’s just the way I want it!

My Final Thoughts:

Put simply, this is a fine chocolate bar.  Delicious!  I’ve had better, sure, but, I do think that this is one of the better chocolate mint confections I’ve had in a long time.  Certainly one I’d consider picking up again if I happen to be craving chocolate while shopping in Whole Foods (and really, when am I ever NOT craving chocolate?)