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I’m a little behind on writing restaurant reviews, so I guess now is as good a time as any to start trying to catch up.  We (my husband and I) visited La Costita one afternoon a while ago, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  In fact, I think it’s been one of my husband’s favorite restaurant stops in a while! 

Order:  For an appetizer, we chose a plate of Chicken Taquitos ($6.99).  Even though we visited at lunchtime, I ordered off the dinner menu.  I chose the Chimichanga Jorocha ($14.59)

Location:  14626 SE Sunnyside Road in Clackamas, OR

What I Think:

My husband and I both enjoy Mexican food, so when the Living Social deal of the day offers savings for a local Mexican restaurant, I usually jump at that offer.  I mean, it’s a no-brainer, I know my husband and I will both love the food.  And it was one of those Living Social deals that lead us to visit La Costita in Clackamas, Oregon.

The decor is what I like to refer to as “Mexi-Casa” … which I actually probably shouldn’t call it because there actually is a restaurant that I used to frequent in California called Mexi-Casa, and I don’t want to infringe upon anyone.  So let me just say that it had a very standard yet festive Mexican type decor:  Brightly colored tiles, Hispanic artwork … you know what I’m talking about, right?

Right off the bat, I need to mention that although it does appear on the menu, there is no horchata!  Now, I am sure that this is no big deal to many of you out there, but it is to me, because no Mexican meal is totally complete without horchata, in my opinion.

My husband's Enchilada Combination Plate ($7.59)

The service at La Costita is really second to none.  I was astonished at how quickly we were taken to our seats, and how quickly we were brought water and warm chips and salsa.  Both were very fresh, and the salsa was spicy.  I loved that I could feel the snap of the fresh veggies in the salsa!  It tasted like it had just been made only moments before being brought to the table.

Our appetizer was brought out to our table, sizzling hot, within minutes of placing our order.  These chicken taquitos were so tasty.  They were made with flour tortillas which gave them a crisp, light texture on the outside, with tender, lightly spiced, juicy chicken inside.  Their Guacamole was not too heavy, and tasted more of avocado than of other ingredients.  YUM!

Before we had even finished our taquitos (there were three whole taquitos which were cut in half to make six half taquitos), our server had returned with our piping hot entries.  I could still hear my chimichanga sizzle as it was placed in front of me.  The chimichanga was filled with tiny, tender shrimp.  The crab meat was moist, although the tiny shreds gave it an almost canned quality.  My entree was delicious and I enjoyed it however, I did find myself wishing about halfway through that I had ordered something else.  The crab was a little disappointing.  It didn’t taste as fresh as it should have. It didn’t taste bad; but it just didn’t taste as good as I had anticipated.

However, the rest of the experience was top-notch, so I don’t feel the least bit of hesitation to recommend this restaurant to everyone reading this post.  It’s a great place to eat:  great service and good food!

My Final Thoughts:

While I wasn’t over-the-top thrilled with the crab meat in my chimichanga, and I was rather dismayed over the fact that there was no horchata, the rest of the food was more than satisfactory.  I didn’t leave feeling hungry or dissatisfied.  The service was fast and friendly, the food arrived super fast, and it was hot and tasty!   We will definitely visit La Costita again!

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On a recent trip to Clackamas, Oregon, I wanted some tea (which is nothing unusual for me!) and I wanted to try someplace I haven’t yet tried for that tea.  After a quick google search, we found a place nearby that I’d never heard of, so I decided that this would be the place…

Location: 9895 Sunnyside Road, Suite B; Clackamas OR

Order: Green Apple flavored Jasmine Green Tea

Specifics: I didn’t order this as a bubble tea (with boba), I was actually hoping for (or expecting) a cup of hot jasmine green tea that had been lightly flavored with green apple.

What I Think:

As I eluded to in my introduction, I had never been to Milky Way Tea & Pastry, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  I saw on the signs on the window that they served boba/bubble tea but, I also hoped that they had served hot tea as well.

So, this review is somewhat faulty in that I hadn’t managed to communicate with the server what it was I wanted.  I had thought that I had made it clear that I wanted tea – not bubble tea – and to those of us in the “tea world” (aka tea nerds), that means good, hot tea, preferably prepared using loose leaf tea rather than tea bags.  It was wrong of me to presume that this is what I would have communicated.

That being said, that really does not excuse the fact that the iced tea that I received tasted like soap.  This murky green colored “iced tea” (I’m using the term loosely, because as a tea snob, I really couldn’t call this iced tea) The first couple sips were quite acceptable, I could taste a bit of green apple and although the flavoring was a bit cloying, it was nonetheless an acceptable taste.

In those first couple of sips, I found the green tea flavor to be acceptable as well.  It wasn’t a great green tea, but it wasn’t horrible.  Not yet, at least.  Based on the first sip or two, I thought that while it wasn’t my favorite tea experience, it was not bad.  It was consumable.  However, as I continued to sip, the jasmine flavors developed and not in a good way.  If you follow my tea reviews, you know that I am quite fond of jasmine.  So, I certainly didn’t expect to dislike this jasmine green tea this much.

It tasted like soap.  Not even like a delicate perfume.  But SOAP.  Like I was drinking jasmine green tea fragrance liquid soap.  And not even a naturally extracted jasmine fragrance, but an artificial one.  Not a desirable beverage, to be sure.  The above picture is the actual photo of my cup of tea, and that is as much of it as I could bear to drink.  About 1/3 of it – and then I had to toss it.

My Final Thoughts:

Based upon this visit to Milky Way, I probably won’t be visiting again.  I have tried bubble tea before (my favorite location is Fusion Tea in Vancouver) but I had never had a bubble tea base that tasted this bad.  Sorry, but I can’t recommend this, unless perhaps you are dying of thirst and you have no other option.  Even then, you might do better drinking gutter water.

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