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Photo from Graze.
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rolled oats, margarine (vegetable oil, water, salt), demerara sugar, apricots, dates, currants, raisins, sunflower seeds, golden syrup, pumpkin seeds (contains gluten)

I received these mini flapjack bars in my first Graze box.

Tea Suggestion:

Because these “flapjacks” remind me a bit of an energy bar, I decided to go with something invigorating to drink, and I chose this Vietnam Black Tea from Single Origin Teas.  I like the way the natural spice tones of the tea accent the fruit and seed notes of these snacks.  It was a really enjoyable tea time!

What I Think:

What I’m thinking is YUM!  These are essentially soft and chewy granola bars, loaded with toasted oats, raisins, apricots, dates, currants, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

The oats are a prominent flavor and they lend a nice toasty flavor to the bar.  The photo suggests more pumpkin seeds in these than I’m actually finding in my three bars (The tray comes with three small bars – about three or four bites worth, depending on how big your bite is).  I’m finding some pumpkin seeds in these, but I’m wishing there were more.  I definitely do taste the sunflower seeds, and the raisins.  I don’t taste a lot of dates, but, I do get a hint of apricot every now and then.

My Final Thoughts:

It’s sweet and fruity and it’s a little bit like a tasty oatmeal that I can take with me.  I’m not really crazy about the addition of margarine, I prefer butter.  I’m not really crazy about the “golden” syrup which implies additional sweetener.  These two additions don’t scream out “healthy” to me, although I’m sure that these are healthier than say, a commercially produced granola bar.  I like that they aren’t overly sticky (a sign to me that there’s too much sweetener in the bar.)  That said, these do seem to have less sugar and sweeteners than the commercially produced granola bar.  Tasty, I’m going to give these a “like.”


Product Description:

Hand crafted in Austin, Texas these chocolate maca energy bars will power your next adventure. Made with 99% organic ingredients, 100% natural, raw, vegan friendly and gluten free.

I received this Energy Bar in my January Knoshbox.

Tea Suggestion:

Since this is a “raw” energy bar, I decided to go with a tea that also offers “raw energy” – a Green Tea!  (Although, I guess it could be argued that steeping is a ‘cooking’ process, right?)  I chose Blissful Buds Green Tea from Mellow Monk.  The savory notes of the tea were a nice contrast to the sweetness that I tasted from the dates.

What I Think:

I am liking this for what it is – an energy bar.  Energy bars are not something that I eat often, mostly because I prefer “real” food to a condensed meal in bar form.  But this is tasty as far as a meal in bar form goes.

It has a chewy consistency with a seedy crunch.  I’d liken it to a fudge-y nut brownie texture … if the nuts were crushed.  As far a chocolate-y flavor, though, I’m not getting a whole lot of what the name of this bar promises.  That is to say the chocolate flavor is lacking.  If I had been given this bar “blindly” and not told that it was a chocolate energy bar, I wouldn’t have guessed that it was.  I do taste a fruit flavor though … dates?  And it has that sugary sweetness of the date.  I also taste the cinnamon and I’m liking that. I don’t taste the almond or cashew specifically … I taste a nutty flavor, but, it isn’t a distinct almond or cashew flavor.  I also taste the chia seeds … or perhaps I should say, I notice their texture.

I like that this isn’t overly sweet … I get the sweetness from the dates and from the other ingredients, but, it isn’t overly “honeyed” or sweetened with excess sweeteners.  I like that it’s organic.

My Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was decent.  I don’t know that I like it enough to want to buy it again, but, I didn’t hate it, and if I were ever asked for the name of a good energy bar, this one would be on a short list of ones that I enjoyed.

Product Description:

This delectable snacking experience features almonds, apples, and flax seeds, tickled with date, balsamic vinegar and cayenne.

Learn more about Sahale Snacks on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

I highly recommend that you have a glass of iced tea nearby when you start eating these snacks!  I really like this Apple Pearadise from Big Tea House. It makes a stunning iced tea, and the sweet, fruity notes of the tea go very well with the fruit flavors of this snack mix.

What I Think:

This tasty snack mix is a wonderful juxtaposition of flavors and textures.

The flavor is all at once spicy from the cayenne pepper, sweet from the apples and dates, nutty from the almonds, and just a little tangy from the balsamic vinegar.  Add a little salt just to keep it interesting, and WOW!  So good.  It’s an exciting balance of flavors that is sure to make the palate happy.

But it is, first and foremost, a spicy snack.  So if you tend to prefer your snacks on the timid side, this is not the snack mix for you.  But if you like your snacks with a little bite – you should definitely look for these the next time you’re in your local Whole Foods Market.

The almonds are lightly glazed with a cayenne balsamic glaze and then sprinkled with flax seeds.  This gives them a nice crunchy texture and a spicy, tangy flavor to go along with the natural, nutty sweetness of the almonds.  Then chunks of apple and dates are added, which give the mix a pleasing sweetness and a chewy texture to contrast with the crunch of the nuts.

My Final Thoughts:

As much as I enjoyed the Sahale Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla, I think I might like this snack mix even more!  I love the spicy flavor of this one… it is very warm but not what I would call spicy-hot… although as I said above, you’ll want to have that iced cold tea nearby to help cool the palate.  YUM!  Seriously, I loved both of these snack mixes … so much so that I may have to try some of Sahale’s other intriguing snacks!