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What Makes Their Marshmallows Special:

All of our puffs are hand-crafted in small batches using local, all-natural and real foods.  Each of our hand-cut marshmallows has a different texture, density and aroma.  Take a moment to smell the puff before biting into it.  Then enjoy the different notes.  We suggest sampling all the flavors both as they come and lightly toasted.

Learn more about 240Sweet on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

I wanted something malty and rich to enjoy with these marshmallows, so I selected this Assam tea from Steven Smith Teamaker.  The malty flavors of the Assam tea brought out some of the malty tones in the Marshmallows.

What I Think:

This has to be the most unusual flavored marshmallow I’ve yet to come across.  At least, from my perspective, it is unusual.  It’s even unusual that I would be trying it, because beer is not something I drink.  I don’t like beer, I’ve never really cared for the stuff.  But, something about a beer infused marshmallow intrigues me just a little bit.

From the outside, this looks like most handcrafted marshmallows – it’s big and fluffy, and slightly off-white in color.  I can smell the beer, but it isn’t a terribly strong scent.

The flavor of the beer in the marshmallow is – thankfully – mild.  Oh, it’s definitely discernible.  But, it doesn’t taste as though I just took a big swig of beer.  It tastes like marshmallow, first and foremost, with a hint of beer mingling with the sweet flavor of the confection.

This was also a marshmallow that I felt I had to experience toasted, and since I don’t have the grill fired up and I don’t have the fireplace going … and I’m not camping, I utilized technology and used the broiler on my oven to toast one of these puffs.  The heat adds an interesting element to the marshmallow, obviously, it makes it creamier, but I also noticed that the caramelized, crispy edges of the marshmallow had a malty beer taste that I hadn’t noticed in the non-roasted puff.

My Final Thoughts:

I am not a fan of beer, as I’ve mentioned, but, I AM a fan of these Draft Beer flavored Marshmallows!   I am really glad that I got the opportunity to try these!