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taffyProduct Description:

Whipped to perfection to melt in your mouth, this classic candy is soft, creamy, and airy. These unique confections feature festive flavors, including Spearmint Snowmen, Chocolate Rum Wreaths, Christmas Morning Cinnamon Roll, Egg Nog Bells, and Cran-Raspberry Santas.

I received these taffies as part of my December Love with Food Box, and they can be purchased on the Love with Food website.

Tea Suggestion:

I enjoyed a cup of Vanilla Bean Black Tea from Arbor Teas with these taffies.  I loved the way the vanilla mingled with the flavors from the taffies… it seemed to bring out the flavors even more, and with the peppermint taffy especially, it added such a lovely creaminess to that experience.  Really yummy!

What I Think:

I do love taffy, but, I’m also a little bit picky about the taffy that I’ll buy.  If it’s given to me (or received as part of a box like this), sure, I’ll try it, but, as far as buying taffy … it’s gotta knock my socks off.

And while I’m not getting that knock my socks off kind of feeling from these taffies, they are pretty darned tasty.  I received four pieces of taffy in my December Love with Food box, one piece of each of these:  eggnog (which is adorned with bells on the cellophane wrappers), Chocolate Rum Wreath (wreathes adorn these wrappers), Spearmint (Snowmen wrappers), and a pink taffy that was adorned with Santa on its wrapper.

I am not sure what the pink one was.  The product card that came inside the tasting box suggested that this one might be a cinnamon roll taffy, however, the website suggests that this one could be a Cran-Raspberry Santa taffy.  Seriously, though, it doesn’t taste to me like either of these flavors.  It has a little bit of a cinnamon-like taste, but it is a very sweet cinnamon, almost artificial, and certainly did not taste at all like a cinnamon roll to me.  It also didn’t have a tartness to it that I would expect from a Cran-Raspberry taffy.  It was a very odd tasting taffy, and my least favorite of the four.  It wasn’t bad tasting, it tasted sweet and like taffy, but, it just didn’t have a real identifiable flavor and that is something I expect from taffy.

Here is what I thought of the three that I could easily identify:

Eggnog:  Sweet, tasted like eggnog that had been spiked with a little bit of … something?  I definitely tasted an alcohol-y kind of taste.  Bourbon?  I really like this taffy, not my favorite of the bunch, but certainly yummy.  I like that I didn’t have to try to guess what flavor this was … it simply tasted like a lightly spiked eggnog, and I liked it.

Chocolate Rum Wreath:  The chocolate was a subtle flavor … the rum came through mostly, and the chocolate sort of developed as I chewed on the taffy.  However, I will say that if I were simply given this taffy to eat without knowing what flavor it was, I don’t know that I’d guess “Chocolate Rum” right away.  I might guess it eventually, but, it isn’t a real clear, concise flavor.

Spearmint Snowmen:  This one was my favorite of the four, if for no other reason that it was the one that was the best representation of the flavor it was supposed to be.  Sweet, crisp and minty.  Yummy.  It was clearly, undoubtedly mint!  I think that my daughter would LOVE these taffies, since she is a big fan of mint.  I like mint also, but not quite as much as she does.  If I were able to buy just a package of these taffies, I might consider doing so.  These are great.

My Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed the taffies, but that is my sweet tooth talking more than anything.  I can’t say I enjoyed them enough to want to buy them again, but, I wouldn’t refuse them if I were offered them either.  That is to say:  I didn’t hate these, but, I’m not over the moon for them either.  I can take them or leave them.