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Photo from Knoshbox.
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Product Information:

Bumble Bars are crafted by hand in Spokane Valley, Washington. These tasty snack bars are organic, gluten free, non-GMO and provide a great energy boost.

I received this Cherry Chocolate Bumble Bar in my September Knoshbox!

Tea Suggestion:

For this flavorful energy bar, I chose something equally as energizing:  Green Tea Powder!  Specifically, I added a couple of these Japanese Organic Green Tea Powder Packets from Shi Zen into my water bottle, gave it a vigorous shake and enjoyed this invigorating – power packed! – snack!

What I Think:

This is the best Bumble Bar that I’ve tried yet.  So far, I’ve had the opportunity to try the peanut Bumble Bar and the Chocolate Crisp Bumble Bar.  (My review of both of these can be found here.)

But I’m favoring this one because I love the sweet-tart note that the cherry brings to the bar.  Yes it’s chocolate-y and that’s AWESOME … but I love the combination of the chocolate and the cherry.  It’s sweet, fruity and just deliciously yummy!

I’ve tried quite a few different energy bars, and of all the ones that I’ve tried, the Bumble Bars really stick out in my memory as certainly one of the tastiest (if not THE tastiest) that I’ve tried.  There’s a good balance of flavor here, and I love the crunchy crackly texture of the seeds.

My Final Thoughts:

I really like the Bumble Bars!  I love that Bumble Bars are a locally crafted product, and some of their other flavors sound very appealing to me like their Chai Almond (you know I’m going to love that one!) and Awesome Apricot … just to name two!  They’ve got a bunch of flavors though … I’m definitely going to have to try some more flavors out soon!