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Where to Buy:  Fiona’s Natural Foods on Foodzie

Product Description:

The warm essence of cinnamon blends harmoniously with the nutty goodness of slivered almonds. Enjoy as a snack or as a breakfast cereal.

What I Think:

Before opening this pouch of granola, I had intended on eating it as a breakfast cereal, but after I opened it, I started snacking on it right away, before I could pour it in a bowl and add some milk!  I ate about half of it before I started to realize that I was about to eat it all and leave nothing for the cereal bowl!

I guess that’s my way of saying that this is pretty tasty stuff.  It is sweet and cinnamon-y.  Not a hot, spicy cinnamon, but a sweet and somewhat savory cinnamon that entices the taste buds.  The almonds lend a sweet nuttiness to the mix.  It would make a delicious snack for on the go!

But as yummy a snack this makes, it makes an even more delicious breakfast cereal.  The milk softens the oats just a little bit but it still remains crispy.  It is naturally sweet so it doesn’t need that sprinkling of sugar.  In fact, I think sugar or other sweetener would really ruin this.  It tastes so wonderfully sweet on its own, and the addition of milk gives this a very comforting quality that makes a substantial meal.

My Final Thoughts:

This is deliciously wholesome nourishment that will start your day off right.  Oh… and be sure to check out Fiona’s other items – her Original Blend Trail Mix is making me drool!