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Location:  The Corner of 3rd and Ash in Portland

What I Think:

The first time I tried Donut O Rama, I did so with a Living Social Voucher.  I had hoped to try donuts from their first food cart, with an expansive menu that included Banana Bacon Donuts.  Yes, that’s what I said:  Banana Bacon Donuts.  It was this donut, as well as their Creme Brulee Donut, that made the decision to purchase the Living Social voucher a no-brainer.  Had to try BOTH of these donuts.

Unfortunately, by the time I was able to visit the food cart, it had closed.

I kept a close watch on Donut O Rama’s twitter feed to find out where it would be reopening … and they eventually did, in a food cart located at 3rd and Ash in Portland.  Unfortunately, this food cart posed some limitations … specifically, it did not have a ventilation system that allowed for a larger menu.  So the only donuts that were being made in this new food cart were Beignets (light, fluffy pillows of air and sugar … YUM!) and Creme Brulee Beignets (instead of the air, imagine the pillow packed full of creamy vanilla custard … and then topping that pillow with sugar and torching it until the sugar has caramelized to a crackly crunch! )

I have since visited DonutORama a couple of times, and while I have to admit that while I was a wee bit disappointed that I am not going to be trying the banana bacon donut any time soon, this Creme Brulee Beignet is so amazing, that I find myself less sad about not getting the banana bacon donut.  Not just “less sad” … but absolutely loving these Creme Brulee Beignets.  They are absolutely crave-able!

I love the thick, caramelized sugar “crust” on these beignets.  It’s thicker and crackly-crunchier than any traditionally served Creme Brulee I’ve ever tasted.   And I love that they caramelize the Creme Brulee right before your eyes.  I think I started drooling before I could sink my teeth into this delightful pastry.

My Final Thoughts:

Creme Brulee is absolutely my favorite dessert of all time … and this Creme Brulee Beignet captures the essence of the classic dessert so delightfully well.  Yes, I would still prefer a Creme Brulee over a Creme Brulee Beignet … only because I prefer the taste of the caramelized sugar crust that has been cooked onto the custard.  However, these certainly come close to the real thing, and a bonus:  I don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy the guilty pleasure of Creme Brulee!

Note:  Since Donut O Rama has been known to move and has informed me that they may be moving in the near future, I recommend keeping up with them on Facebook to find out the latest regarding their location and their menu!

Today, April 20, is the 2nd Birthday/Anniversary of the Grilled Cheese Grill – the rather unusual food cart/old school bus parked on Alberta Street.  To help celebrate, the Grilled Cheese Grill is offering all their sandwiches at just $4.20 each!  (Yeah, I get it!)  So, of course, I had to stop by and wish them a Happy Birthday (and enjoy a sandwich, of course!)

Location:  1027 NE Alberta Avenue in Portland, OR

Order:  the Stickles Sandwich, the Jennie Lou Sandwich & a bottle of Tazo BrambleBerry Tea

What I Think:

Grilled Cheese Grill is one of the more unique food carts of Portland (and we’re known for our food carts here in Portland!)  All they serve are … you guessed it!  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  But these aren’t your ordinary American-Cheese-between-two-slices-of-white-bread-and-grilled-until-golden grilled cheese sandwiches (unless you want them to be).   These are some very unique (and tasty!) grilled cheese sandwiches that make you rethink what a grilled cheese can be.  Click here to go to their website for a look at their menu!

The Stickles Sandwich

I have been to the Grilled Cheese Grill on a couple of occasions, now, and I have never been disappointed by what I’ve ordered.  I usually order the BABS, which is the Bacon, Apple, Blue Cheese and Swiss on Marble Rye, and it is awesome.  But, today, I decided I’d like to try something a little different and I tried the Stickles.

The Stickles Sandwich (regularly $5.75, today it was just $4.20) starts off on one of the best breads I personally have ever tasted:  Dave’s Killer Bread.  It is made locally with all organic ingredients and tastes the way bread should taste.  This bread is layered with Tillamook Pepperjack cheese, thin avacado slices, fresh red onion slices and roasted red peppers and then grilled to golden perfection.

And it was AWESOME.  The pepperjack and the onion together provide a delicious zing, while the avocado cools down that spicy kick just a little bit, and the roasted red pepper offers a little contrasting sweetness.  The sandwich was grilled perfectly:  the bread was crispy and golden while the cheese was melted and had some stretch!

The Jennie Lou (regularly $5.75, today it was just $4.20) is one of their “sweet” sandwiches, and it was rather tasty as well.  Havarti cheese and crisp bacon grilled between two slices of maple bread.  You can also choose to make this sandwich vegetarian by substituting apple for the bacon.  I didn’t go vegetarian on this one, but I think it would have been better if I had, as the bacon here was rather forgettable.  It was overpowered by the richness of the Havarti cheese and the sweetness of the maple bread.  Overall, a good sandwich, but, if you really want them to WOW you, I recommend the Jaime Sandwich.

My Final Thoughts:

If you’re in the area today, GO to Grilled Cheese Grill and enjoy the sandwiches at just $4.20.   Having been to the Grilled Cheese Grill a few times now, I can say that while I’ve come across a few sandwiches that aren’t my favorite, I’ve never come across anything that was so disappointing that I wouldn’t return.  I love the uniqueness of this place!  Grilled Cheese Grill is an example of the kind of place that is helping to “Keep Portland Weird”!

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