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January's Knoshbox

January’s Knoshbox

OK, so I’m a lot behind!  I have to update on the two boxes that I’ve received.  I received my January Knoshbox “on time” – that is, about the same time of the month that I usually receive it … but, I haven’t posted about it.

I also received January’s Goodies Box … in February.  I didn’t post about it either … so I’m going to combine my posts for the Knoshbox and the Goodies Box this time around.

The theme for January’s Knoshbox is “Snow Day Snacks,” and included A huge pouch of “Just Good Chocolate” hot cocoa mix.  And when I say “HUGE” I mean it … we’re talking 12 ounces of product!  Also in this box was a full package of Salted Rosemary Shortbread cookies from Lark Fine Foods, which I’ve previously reviewed so I won’t do that again.  These are a favorite of mine so I certainly was happy to have another package of them!

Also in this month’s box is a “Mighty Maca Bar” from Beareded Brothers, and a box of Sea Salt Caramels from Liddabit Sweets.  The Sea Salt Caramels are another product that I’ve reviewed previously, but I’m NEVER going to complain when I get some of these!  They are so good.

January's Goodie Box

January’s Goodie Box

January’s Goodies Box has the theme “New Year, New You” and included seven very tempting goodies.  So, even though I was a little dismayed that it appeared that we AGAIN were receiving late boxes, getting so many goodies in one box for such an affordable price, it’s a little hard to complain, you know?

This month’s box included a Whole Wheat fig bar from Nature’s Bakery, A can of Cascal soda, Strawberry Fruit Chews from Stretch Island (which I’ve already enjoyed – they were delicious!  Sweet and deliciously strawberry, I love that these are made with fruit only … no sugar added!)  Traditional Hummus and Pita Chips snack kit from Wild Garden, Blueberry Granola from Go Nola, Spicy Falafel Chips from Flamous Brands, and a cookie from Skeeter Snacks.

So, another great box from Goodies Company … but, I do wish they’d get their shipping on track.  I think this month might be better, because I’ve already received a notification that the package was shipped.  Let’s hope!

And … of course, another great box from Knoshbox.  No surprise there, Knoshbox is my favorite monthly food box subscription.  If you can only get one box per month … this is the box I’d recommend.  It might cost a bit more, but it is OH so worth it!

bobbysuesnutsProduct Description:

You’ll go nuts for these candied nuts! Bathed and baked in a bold blend of spices, they’re simultaneously sweet and savory. We’re not talking peanuts here; this jar is filled to the brim with plump almonds, cashews and pecans.

I received a packet of these nuts in my November Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

These candied nuts make a wonderful tea time snack.  They’re so flavorful and I love that gentle nudging of the spices in these nuts, so I wanted something that would bring out some of those warm spices even more.  So I made a chai latte, and I found that this Masala Chai from Blue Lotus Chai made a perfect chai to go with these sweet, salty and warmly spiced nuts.

What I Think:

Yummy!  I’m totally loving these nuts!

When I first opened the pouch, I was kind of “ho-hum … another batch of flavored nuts.”  So I popped the first one in my mouth without paying much attention, and WOW!  These taste amazing!

First of all, I love that it’s a blend of mixed nuts:  almonds, cashews and pecans.  Then the nuts are candied in a sugar and spice combination that is a little bit sweet and a little bit savory.  The result is a crunchy, toasty, salty, sweet and warmly spiced mix of nuts, and I’m going nuts for this!  I love the contrast in flavors, I love the crunchy texture of the nuts together with the subtle chewy texture of the candied coating.

These are so tasty and completely irresistible.  Before I knew it, my package was empty!  I want more!

My Final Thoughts:

I only wish that the sample bag that I received in this month’s Goodie box wasn’t so small, because it was gone way too fast.  I don’t think that this is going to be available in the stores, so I think I’m going to actually have to order more of this … and I definitely will be doing just that!