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Herbs are a perfect accompaniment to cheese. This delicious recipe combines feta cheese with rosemary, basil, and black pepper for a flavor that perfectly complements our hummus popped chip.

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Tea Suggestion:

These make a great snack with any kind of tea, really, but I chose this First Flush Black Tea from Teatulia.  It’s a flavorful tea, and I liked the way the sweetness of the tea brought out some of the savory qualities of the cheese and herbs.  A really tasty combination.

What I Think:

I found these popped hummus chips in single sized serving bags at my local Subway.  Just about everything about this product enticed me:  popped hummus chips … yum!  Feta and herb … YUM!  I also liked that there are no artificial flavors or colors, and because they’re popped chips instead of fried … that means less fat too.

These are really tasty!  They have a zesty flavor to them.  I can taste the tangy feta cheese and I can taste notes of rosemary, pepper and basil, as well as a hint of onion and possibly garlic.  They are very flavorful.  And they have a very satisfying crunch too.  They are a delicious, salty snack chip that doesn’t taste or feel greasy, and that’s a plus.

My Final Thoughts:

Two thumbs up for these.  I like that they aren’t greasy like a potato chip, but they have all the other qualities of a snack chip that I look for.  They’re crunchy and salty and have a really tasty, savory flavor.

???????????????????????????????Product Description:

Hearty multi-grain pita chips make the perfect partner for creamy hummus in this deliciously portable snack pack that needs no refrigeration. The classic Mediterranean dip, made with chickpeas, sesame paste and a hint of lemon is healthy and all-natural.

I received this “snack kit” box in my January Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

I recommend a sweet, vegetative green tea to go with hummus and pita chips!  This Lin Yun Green Tea from Infussion is perfect!  A delightfully refreshing tea to serve with this snack.

???????????????????????????????What I Think:

This is a fun snack kit.  Inside the box is a bag of pita chips and an easy-to-squeeze tube of hummus.

The multi-grain pita chips are very crunchy and dense.  They look to me like they were made from real pita bread … they’re thick and dense like that.  The flavor is hearty and nutty, with a nice saltiness.  Not too much salt … but enough to enhance the overall flavor of the chip.

???????????????????????????????I probably wouldn’t want to eat these on their own though.  The thickness is really kind of difficult to get past without the dip.  They aren’t enjoyable to snack on without the dip.  With the hummus dip, though, this becomes a really enjoyable snack.  The hummus dip is smooth and creamy … and I like that there is enough dip in this little tube to generously cover each of the pita chips in the bag … I’m not left with a lot of extra pita chips and no dip to enjoy with them.

My Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this snack kit.  I think I probably would have preferred a little something in the hummus dip, since I usually prefer a roasted pepper or a garlic flavored hummus as opposed to the plain or traditional hummus.  This is good, but, I think that a roasted pepper or garlic flavored hummus would have been even better.  Good, but not awesomely great.

Where to Buy:  Flamous Brands on Foodzie

Price:  $19.99 for four 8-ounce bags

Product Description:

Loaded with a mouthwatering blend of beans, vegetables, herbs, and spices, our low sodium and All Natural chips are the perfect, crunchy snack! Tasting just like the Mediterranean Falafel sandwich, these gluten free chips are simply delicious.

What I Think:

Well, I feel I should start by saying that this isn’t my first time trying these falafel chips.  I first discovered them at Chuck’s Produce in Vancouver, WA, and promptly bought a bag because I love falafel!  (A snack size bag – 1.6 ounces – at Chuck’s was about a dollar, I think.)  I enjoyed my first bag, so I was very happy to receive another in June’s Tasting Box!

As I said, I love falafel.  Some years ago (more years than I care to admit to), I was a vegetarian.  I had to discontinue the diet during my pregnancy with my youngest daughter, as ordered by my doctor.  While I was a vegetarian, though, falafel was one of my favorite dishes, but to tell the truth, since that time, I haven’t had falafel more than a handful of times.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed it until I opened this bag of chips, though!  The distinct smell of falafel burst through the bag!  My mouth started watering instantly.

These chips look a lot like seasoned tortilla chips.  The texture is similar to tortilla chips as well.  They are crunchy and are fairly substantial, they could withstand whatever dip you want to pile on to them (although they are quite tasty without dip).  My favorite dip for these is hummus, although in a pinch ranch dip (or onion dip) tastes really good too.  Hint:  try making your ranch dip with plain yogurt instead of mayo!  It’s YUM – especially with these chips.

Even though the chips look and feel like tortilla chips, they don’t taste like them (although there is a slight roasted corn taste to these), nor are they as salty as a typical commercial corn tortilla chip.  They are salted just enough to bring out the flavors, and I like that.

Yummy!  I can really taste the “falafel” in these.  I can taste the beans and as I chew, I can feel the somewhat mealy texture of the falafel as well.  I can taste tumeric in these as well.  The spice is mild, but manages to deliver the overall falafel experience to the chips.   Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t as good as authentic falafel – but they are a delicious change-up from the ordinary tortilla chip.  The aftertaste is quite enjoyable too – like slightly spiced veggies!

My Final Thoughts:

I really like these.  As I said before, I’ve tried them before receiving them in my tasting box, and I will probably get more the next time I am at Chuck’s Produce.  They are awesome with hummus!