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Photo from Knoshy.
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Product Information:

There is no better way to start the new year with a healthy snacking plan! Our favorite kale snack is hands-down these organic kale chips from Brad’s Raw Foods. The ‘vampire killer’ is crispy, nutty and has a great garlic flavor. Organic, kosher, and vegan.

I received a package of these kale chips in my January box from Knoshy.

Tea Suggestion:

When I eat chips, I usually like a glass of iced tea to go with it … and kale chips are no exception.  The iced tea I had chilling in my ice box when I snacked on these kale chips was this Cherry Limeade Iced Tea from Southern Boy Teas.

What I Think:

I really like kale chips.  I’ve had a few different kinds in the past, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried.  My family has been less receptive to the idea of kale chips.  Which is both a blessing and a curse:  when I do happen to buy (or receive as part of one of my monthly subscriptions) a package of Kale Chips, I get to enjoy them for myself and not have to worry about them disappearing before I have a chance to taste them.  That’s a blessing.  But on the curse side, because I’m the only one who likes them … I don’t buy them often because I don’t like buying things just for me.

I like the flavor of these Kale Chips … I love the garlic-y taste!  The cheesy flavor is there too, but it is less apparent … or perhaps I should say that it doesn’t stand out quite the same way as it does in some of the “cheesy” flavored kale chips that I’ve tried in the past.

But the garlic-y notes are delicious.  Not too sharp on the garlic, just enough to let you know that what you’re tasting is garlic … it’s an easily identifiable flavor but it doesn’t go overboard and make your mouth feel like its in desperate need of a thorough brushing, flossing and a handful of breath mints before anyone’s gonna kiss you.

On the downside, I didn’t like that most of the kale pieces were small “crumb-ish” size.  It was a bit more like eating a handful of peanuts than it was like eating chips, you know?  I also didn’t like that I came across a couple of large stems in my package.

My Final Thoughts:

I loved the flavor of these, I just wish that there was a bit more attention paid to the details of the chips.  Less large stems in the package and more large, leafy crisps.  I have seen this product in Chuck’s Produce, and have been tempted to purchase because I did enjoy the flavor … but I’ve found myself looking for another brand that carries a similar garlic-y flavored kale chip because I didn’t like having a package that was mostly crumbs.

The box actually arrived a few days ago … they aren’t running late, I am!  I know that every month I write out my gushing praise of this company, but, trust me, the gushing praise is well deserved.  I love Knoshy!


This month’s box was crafted with health in mind – starting the new year off right with healthy snacks!

This month’s box included:  Apple-2-the-core dried apple snacks from Peeled Snacks, an 11 ounce container of Zico Coconut Water, TWO energy bars from Off The Farm (I love Off The Farm bars!), a package of Vampire Killer Kale Chips from Brad’s Raw Foods, a pouch of granola from Purely Elizabeth, and a chocolate bar from Theo Chocolate.  (YES!  Chocolate!)

It would seem that “healthy snacks” seems to be a similar theme with my two boxes that I received this month, but, that’s OK.  However, I would have probably been more thrilled with a tea time box (January IS hot tea month, you know!)  Then again … I’d be thrilled with a tea time box any time.  Ha!

I can’t wait to start knoshing on these boxes!

Product Information:

Undercover Agent Double Oh Cheesy is our most popular flavor yet. We smother each leaf in Agent Cheesy’s super secret sauce, which is also 100% vegan. Let Agent Cheesy spring into action and tantalize your tastebuds with each satisfying crunch. One bag is never enough, so make sure you stock up!

These kale chips were part of my first (September’s) Goodies Box!

Tea Suggestion:

Because these chips already have an earthy, vegetative flavor to them, I wanted something that was refreshing and would help keep the palate from feeling overwhelmed.  Actually, with my first few bites of these kale chips, I wanted something that was going to taste sweet and cake-like to help offset the earthy, veggie-ness of the snack!  So I chose this Blueberry Streusel Honeybush from 52Teas to help make this snack time taste a little more decadent.  The sweetness of the blueberry and the sweet pastry-like flavor helped bring balance to the vegetative taste of the chip, while the hint of lemon in the tisane brought a bright note, a touch of acidity that I really enjoyed.

Where to Buy:

These are not the first kale “chips” that I’ve tried.  In fact, I liked the other cheese flavored Kale Chips (these are also vegan) that I tried and reviewed previously so much that when I found them in my local Whole Foods, I bought a package of them.

These kale chips from snackLets are not as immediately pleasing as those first kale chips that I tried – the instant those others hit my palate I was in love!  Like love at first bite.  In contrast, these I had to “get to know a little better” before I could say I liked them … in fact, before I started writing this review, I thought it was going to be a negative review because I didn’t think I liked them.  But now that I’ve given them some time … I’m liking them more.  I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I’ll love them enough to buy them again, but, I’m eating them.  And I’m enjoying them.

So what’s the biggest difference between these and those?  These are not as cheesy as the others… and they taste more like Kale.  They are more vegetative, more earthy, and even a little bitter in the first few bites.   In contrast, these taste “healthier” than the others did, but I think that is what makes the biggest difference to me.  I want my healthy snacks to not taste this healthy.   At heart, I’m a junk food junkie, but, I know that it’s not smart to eat like that … so I want to be able to snack smart, but I don’t want it to taste like I’m snacking smart.

My Final Thoughts:

I liked these, but I didn’t love them.  I probably won’t seek this particular brand of kale chips again.  But if I see the other brand, I’ll still grab that one!  That one lets me snack smart without tasting like it!

You can subscribe to the Goodies Co. Box here.

Product Description:

Who says you can’t pack healthy and delicious into the same product? Alive and Radiant takes organic kale, roasts it until dry and crispy, and coats it with a “cheese” made from cashews, nutritional yeast and Himalayan crystal salt. We reach for these when we need to satisfy our salty chip jones without breaking the calorie bank.

Learn more about Alive & Radiant Foods on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

Given the healthy nature of this snack, I’d recommend a white tea like this White Peony from Teavivre.  It has a delicate quality to it that would not interfere with the wonderful flavors going on in the Kale Krunch.

What I Think:

OK, I’ll say it, this does not look appetizing.  My lack of photography skills aside, this does not look like something that if placed in front of me, I’d say “YUM!”  And to be honest, this was the item in the “Jump Start Your New Year” box that I was least excited about.

But, WOW!  What a surprisingly delicious snack this is!  It is pleasantly crunchy without being hard.  The leaves provide a delicate crisp texture, and it doesn’t feel fibrous to the tooth (which is what I expected, because the veins of kale can sometimes be really fibrous and tough to chew).  Initially, the texture is incredibly light, like biting into the thinnest potato chip.

And yes, it tastes cheesy – like cheddar cheese – without the cheese!   I’m not exactly sure how they managed to make these taste like they’ve been generously coated with cheddar cheese without adding a single shred of cheese to the mixture.

It tastes a little nutty, a little earthy and VERY cheesy.  I can taste the red bell pepper in there too and it adds a sweet, vibrant flavor to it, a little something that makes the taste buds perk up and say YUM!

This doesn’t really taste like kale.  It tastes like a cheese snack you might find in the snack aisle!  It doesn’t taste “healthy” – that is to say, it tastes like something that is loaded with fat and calories.  But there are just 100 calories per serving.

My Final Thoughts:

This is really a delicious snack food, one that I’d be very happy to enjoy again and again.  It’s the kind of snack that would inspire one to go healthy because it tastes so good!  A perfect snack!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAYto celebrate, I thought I’d review the greenest cracker I’ve ever come across!

Where to Buy:  Twin Cakes Bakery on Foodzie

Product Description:

More than just a flax cracker or kale chip. Thin and crispy cracker packed with nutrition. Made with the dark leafy green kale. Kale is full of phytonutrients and high in vitamin C, A, and K. Full of iron, protein, and Omegas! A cracker you will not find anywhere else.

What I Think:

OK… let me be real honest – this was the item in my tasting box I was least excited about.  It is not something I would have even thought about purchasing, so had it not been in this box, I would have never had the opportunity to try it.

And, well, I’m glad I did have this opportunity to try it.  Because it’s pretty tasty.

It has a very lightweight feel to the cracker – even though it looks incredibly dense.  It has a crispy texture which kind of distracts the mind from thinking that it’s consuming something incredibly healthy.  It feels like junk food, only it isn’t.

The texture as I chew this cracker reminds me a bit of a thick corn tortilla chip (more like a taco shell kind of corn tortilla rather than a thin, crispy chip).  The flavor is very strong and vegetative and tastes like … well, like kale.  I can also taste the pumpkin seed flavor and as I continue to munch on these, the flavor of the pumpkin seed develops nicely.

There is a bit of vegetable sweetness to the cracker, as well as a bitter taste to it that is attributed to the kale, giving this a pleasant savory appeal.  This would be very nicely paired with cheese, and the cheese that immediately comes to mind is a Wasabi White Cheddar (I find this at my local Chuck’s Produce).  The sharpness of the cheddar and the heat from the wasabi horseradish would really round out the flavors of this cracker very nicely.  A pleasant spicy dip would also be delicious with these crackers.  It also tastes rather nice right out of the bag while sipping a cup of spicy chai like this Spicy Seattle Chai from MarketSpice.

Will I buy these crackers again?  I don’t know.  But I will say that I wouldn’t overlook them like I would have before trying them.  I enjoyed them, and I think they may end up being something that I miss a couple of weeks down the road when I get that urge for a snack that will satisfy my hunger while not leaving me feeling weighed down.

My Final Thoughts:

These crackers ended up being a rather pleasant savory experience, and I found them to be very satisfying and even energizing when I had the urge to snack.    It’s also a great way to enjoy your greens without having the embarrassment of having a speck of green leaf caught between your front teeth!


The anticipation has been mounting for this month’s box since I received last month’s box!  These boxes are a lot of fun!

My package contains:  a ‘Bert Candy Bar from Bees & Beans (a Portland company!), Kale & Pumpkin Seed Crackers from Twin Cakes Bakery, Cocomels from JJ’s Sweets, Blue Cheese Fig Savory Shortbreads from O Pair Wine Bites, Hot Chocolate on a Stick from The Ticket Kitchen, and (drum roll, please!) Jasmine Green & Turkish Mint Tea (yes, TEA!) from Zhi Tea.  Also tucked inside was the map card that shows on one side where the products are from, and on the other a detailed list of the items in the box including a brief description of each item.  Here’s a scan of both sides of the card…

On the homepage of Foodzie, it indicates that Salt Blends from Didi Davis Artisan Food would be in the box, but, my box did not include them.  A little disappointing as I was looking forward to trying some of the gourmet salt blends (I must say that the Sumac Pepper Salt and the Vanilla Salt are the most intriguing to me).  But, oh well.  I am, nonetheless excited to have received my box and I look forward to digging in!

My Final Thoughts:

A box of fun that is well worth the price!