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Product Information:

Each yummy square is topped with crunchy almond slices and made with good-for-you ingredients like our seven whole grains, sweet potatoes and beans. And with natural sweetness from agave, 4g of fiber and 300mg of ALA omega-3, they’re a nutritious snack your kids will ask for by name!

This Kashi Soft-Baked Square was part of my Goodies Tasting Box for September.

Tea Suggestion:

Because of the cake-y/cookie like taste of the square, I decided that a black tea was the way to go.  I went with this Assam Mangalam from Zen Teas.  The robust, malty tones of the Assam gave this hearty bar from Kashi a boost, and this snack became a meal!

What I Think:

I really like this!

I can’t recall ever having tried Kashi’s products.  I kind of see them as “trendy” foods… like they’re pushing this health food angle because it’s the “in” thing to do, but, I always find myself wondering if they’re really nothing more than those other fatty junk foods, just dressed up to appear to be something it’s not.

I confess that I’m kind of a novice when it comes to reading labels.  Sure, I read them when looking at things like juices for my daughter – I like to make sure they’re not just a bunch of corn syrup – but, I don’t check the label on everything that I buy, and I really don’t know what all those numbers in the Nutrition Facts box really mean.  I mean, sure, this says that it’s just 6 grams of fat, but what does that really mean?  (And, no, I’m not looking for a nutrition lecture here, I’m just stating that I’m not really knowledgeable about these things and how I should be applying them to my overall dietary plan)

But, after quickly perusing the ingredient list here, I’m pleased at what I see.  I don’t see any artificial sounding ingredients … this stuff all looks like healthy options.  There are some sweeteners in this:  agave, tapioca syrup (this is a sweetener, isn’t it?) and cane juice … and while the verdict is out as far as I’m concerned with agave (is it healthy, or is it just glorified corn syrup?) I’m happy to see that this doesn’t seem to be chocked full of sugars and most of the ingredients appear to be whole grains and other healthy foods.  There’s even sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans in this!  Wow!

But this doesn’t really taste like cardboard or something equally as lackluster.  This is really quite tasty!  The bar itself has a taste that reminds me of the cake-y part of a Fig Newton, only denser and more delicious and satisfying.  The slivered almonds on top added a little bit of texture to the square, as well as a yummy, sweet almond taste.  Overall, this is sweet, but not too sweet, and really quite tasty.  Something I wouldn’t mind eating more often.

My Final Thoughts:

This is a very substantial, tasty bar.  This is something I could see myself keeping stocked in the pantry, it’s energizing and delicious, something that I could snack on and not feel guilty afterward.   And it’s very satisfying – I found those in-between meals hunger completely satiated after nibbling on this one bar.

I managed to get in on the very first (as in brand new) tasting box from Goodies, a new foodie subscription service that I came across while browsing the web.   When I encountered the site, I first c0mpleted a short survey and it was determined that I should get the “Goodies” box (I guess there are other types of boxes associated with this company).

But these boxes seemed to get off to a rocky start.  I was charged in the beginning of the month (err…that’s LAST month, mind you) and I did not receive September’s subscription box until yesterday … October 1st.  Not ideal… especially since this is supposed to be September’s box.  The excuse subscribers were offered about mid-month was that they wanted to include an extra “goodie” in the box, and felt that this one goodie would justify the hold on the shipment of the boxes.

OK, whatever.  I’m a patient person.  But, let’s just say that at that point, I’m not terribly impressed.

But now that the box is finally here, I am more impressed.  That is to say, this is an impressive box.  There are seven samples of different goodies.  I’ve received fewer samples in other tasting boxes … for higher prices.

So what’s inside?  The first thing I recognized immediately were the Pacific Sea Salt Somersaults.  I’ve previously tried other flavor offerings of Somersaults and loved them, so I was excited to have them in this box, and even more excited to see that it’s a flavor that I haven’t yet tried!

Also inside the box were Crunch Dried Snacks from Sensible Foods, Gummy Multi-Berry Snap Infusion Candies, Kale Chips from snackLets, a bag of chips from Wai Lana, a package of Soft Baked Squares from Kashi, and a bottle of Rooibee Red Tea.  (Yes, tea!  Well, more accurately, rooibos, which I categorize as a tisane, but still!)

The best part about this box though, is the price tag!  The monthly charge is just $7.00 … including shipping!  Amazing!  So, yeah, even though they had a late start on their first month rolling out the boxes, I can’t complain too much.  I think that I definitely got my money’s worth with this box, especially when one factors in shipping cost.

So, just to recap, that’s SEVEN tempting goodies for just $7.  I can’t wait to start sampling these goodies!