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Where to Buy:  Liz Lovely on Foodzie

Price:  $3.99 for a two cookie package (these cookies are ENORMOUS, folks!)

Product Description:

Spicy, sweet & delicious… like a cinnamon pillow from heaven. Each one is hand-rolled in cinnamon & sugar then baked until it cracks a little around the edges.

What I Think:

I have tried several different cookies from Liz Lovely, including the Chocolate Moose Dragons, Macaroonies, and my favorite Ginger Snapdragons.  So I was happy to find that Liz Lovely was included in the Tea Time Foodzie Tasting Box.

This time around, I’m trying the Snicker Dudes, which appears to be Liz Lovely’s take on the classic snickerdoodle – a cookie that brings me back to my childhood days, as it seemed that it was one of my stepmother’s favorite cookies to bake.  But, she never baked ’em this good!

The first thing I notice about these cookies is that they smell incredible.  Very cinnamon-y.  And no wonder, they’re well coated with cinnamon.  The cinnamon is sweet yet spicy to the nose as well as the palate.

When I bite into these, they’re so soft!  Like fresh-from-the-oven soft.  They aren’t warm, of course, but, otherwise, they capture that feeling of freshly baked cookies.  The cinnamon is not a hot-spicy cinnamon, but rather a warm, autumnal cinnamon taste, which worked well with the cookie itself, which had an almost raw cookie dough kind of taste to it.  (And what’s the best part of baking cookies?  Eating the cookie dough, of course!)

One thing that is important to note:  these are sugary sweet.  Even with the cinnamon cutting through some of the sweetness, these are sweeter than I recall the other three cookies that I’ve tried from Liz Lovely.  As I have a sweet-tooth, I am not really complaining about it, but they are incredibly sweet.  So much so that I can only eat one of these cookies at a time, and after that cookie, I felt I should have stopped at a half a cookie. I still enjoyed what I ate, and at least this does give me a chance to enjoy the other cookie later.

As I ate the cookie, what these reminded me most of was my gramma’s strawberry shortcake … well, the shortcake part of it, anyway.  They were sweet and buttery and delicious, and I can imagine topping these cookies generously with strawberries … YUM!

As for pairing with tea, I would recommend something strong and straightforward, like this Khongea Golden Tips Second Flush Assam from KTeas.  Or if you prefer to accent the spicy notes of the cinnamon, try this Yunnan Golden Buds from Verdant Tea.  Something strong and bold to help counter the sugary sweetness of the cookie, while still being able to enjoy its yummy, almost-cookie-dough-like flavor.

My Final Thoughts:

Of the different foods I’ve tried from Foodzie, I have to say that Liz Lovely stands out as being the best bang for the buck.  I find these cookies to be not only affordable, but delicious.  They have that “fresh from the oven” taste and softness (all that’s lacking is the temperature!)  A tad on the sweet side, and close to being too sweet … but my sweet-tooth must interject here and state emphatically that it approves of this cookie!

I’m usually excited and happy when my Foodzie Tasting Box arrives, but this month, I’m all that times ten!  Why?  The theme!  The theme this month is Tea Time Treats!!!

Could there possibly be a more perfect theme for me?  I mean, seriously, the only way to make it more perfect would be to make it a “Tea Time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Harry Potter.”  And… when that box arrives – I think I shall faint.

As it is though, I’m thrilled with this box.  It may only have five items (the boxes usually have six), but they are all perfect choices for Tea Time.  The selections this month include:  Salted Rosemary Shortbread Cookies from Lark Fine Foods, Snicker Dudes Cookies from Liz Lovely, Indian Ajwain Cashews from Oren’s Kitchen, Tupelo Honey from HoneyPax, and of course TEA … Earl of Bengal Tea from Teatulia.

What an awesome selection, right?

I’m so excited about each of these items … I have tried the Earl of Bengal Tea from Teatulia before, however, I’m happy to have it back in my cupboard, because it’s yummy.  I’ve tried a few of Liz Lovely’s cookies before, but not the Snicker Dudes, so I’m happy to try something different.

There is also something new about the map card this month… and that is … it’s not a map card!  It is a card telling us a little bit about the theme:

Sometimes I hit those moments (I’m sure you do too…) where things are swirling around so fast in my head, I call my own “tea time-out”.  There’s this amazing local tea shop in my neighborhood called Samovar Tea Lounge that I’ll pop into either on a Saturday morning after yoga or on a weeknight evening.  Sipping slowly on some good tea always clears my head.  This month we’ve packed your box with some amazing black tea (in compostable containers!) along with treats to pair with each sip.  Weather you throw a tea party or your own “tea time-out”, I hope you enjoy your tasting this month.

~Emily, Chief Eater

The card also features a little bit of information about each product in the box.

Best. Box. Ever!

Where to Buy:  Liz Lovely on Foodzie

Price:  $3.99 for a package of two very large cookies

Product Description:

We take deep, dark, fudgy brownie dough with organic dark chocolate chips, roll it in organic cane sugar, and crush fairly traded cacao nibs on top. It’s a true chocoholic experience.

What I Think:

I opened my review of Liz Lovely’s Ginger Snapdragons like this:  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Well… that goes DOUBLE for these cookies!  These are the best chocolate cookies I’ve ever tasted.  And that’s coming from a former Mrs. Field’s employee!  (Yes, I worked there many years ago, back when we actually mixed the cookie dough ourselves instead of using pre-made frozen cookie dough)

These are incredibly rich and moist and dense – just like a brownie.  Maybe even better than a brownie!  The chocolate is a dark, sweet chocolate with a hint of bitter – a very intense chocolate flavor that is two-fold with the addition of the dark chocolate chips.  Very indulgent – they transcend this chocoholic to a state of sheer euphoria.  The sugary coating take this cookie over-the-top … and might be a little much, but, I am enjoying the texture they give to the cookie.  I also like the crushed cacao nibs on top… they add just a little crunch and a nice bitter undertone to this sweet confection.  These are amazing.

I might have to order more of these to keep on hand when I have a chocoholic craving – these are sure to satisfy.

I don’t know if Liz Lovely takes “requests” or ideas from her customers, but, I am thinking that a cross between this and the Ginger Snapdragon would be absolute heaven…  I mean, this cookie is already heavenly… but the combination of the two would be bucket-list worthy!

My Final Thoughts: 

If you’re a chocoholic, you really MUST try these cookies.  They are pure chocolate nirvana in cookie form.  The only way these could be any better is if they were still warm from the oven.

Where to Buy:  Liz Lovely on Foodzie

Product Description:

Similar to a traditional coconut macaroon, but mellow and soft, with a hint of lemon. Born from late night cookie binges with limited ingredients in the pantry, these “macaroonie” cookies became a pick-hit.

What I Think:

After trying last month’s Ginger Snapdragons from Liz Lovely, I had to order more.  They were so good.  And, as I was placing that order, I decided that I would like to also try these.

These are a little different than I was expecting.  It has always been my experience that a coconut macaroon was a coconut macadamia nut cookie, but there are no macadamia nuts in these.  But even though I was kind of looking forward to that crunch of macadamia nut in these, I am finding it hard to say I’m disappointed.  Even without the anticipated macadamia nut, these are incredibly good.

The cookie itself tastes a bit like a sugar cookie might, except that there is a beautiful lemony note to these.  It is not an overpowering lemon taste – it is just enough to make your taste buds perk up and say “hey, there’s something deliciously different about these!”  It really brightens up the flavor.

Without the macadamia nuts, the coconut really becomes the star of these cookies, giving them a creamy sweetness and a chewy texture. I paired these with this rich, delicious Keemun from Two Leaves and a Bud.  The savory cocoa notes of the Keemun complimented the coconut flavor nicely.

Just like the Ginger Snapdragons, these are incredibly soft cookies.  But unlike the Snapdragons, these have a very mild flavor.  These cookies are an incredibly comforting food – they just taste like something gramma would have made!

My Final Thoughts:

Liz Lovely takes vegan baking to a whole other level with these cookies.  The fact that these are vegan is not something that is noticeable in the taste.  They just taste like delicious, indulgent cookies.  YUM!

Where to Buy:  Liz Lovely on Foodzie

Product Description:

People have sent letters, emails, and even called Liz on the phone to pledge their undying love for Ginger Snapdragons. Intense organic spices, sweet and sharp organic candied ginger, and a deep undertone of blackstrap molasses all working together… oh my goodness!

What I Think:

Oh.  My.  Goodness!

These are so good.  When I first saw the package of these cookies in my Tasting Box, I had assumed they would be crunchy cookies similar to the ginger snaps you would find in the grocery store.  But upon closer inspection, I see that these are two ENORMOUS soft cookies.  These are the size of those jumbo cookies you might find as an impulse item at the checkout counter in a convenience store.  But… these taste even better than anything you’d find in that convenience store, let me tell you!

It wasn’t until I consumed my first huge cookie that I noticed that these are vegan.  That surprised me because had I not read it on the package, I would not have known.  These are so soft and moist and tender that I am left wondering how such deliciousness is achieved without using the “usual” ingredients.  But perhaps, that is just it.  Liz Lovely has discovered a secret!  And I am content in not knowing it, so long as they continue to make these incredible cookies.

These dark, molasses-y cookies are sweet but with just enough of that ginger-y spice to balance things out.  The exterior is lightly covered in sugar and they are topped with what appears to be candied ginger.  This proves to be a special treat, because, I still eat large cookies like this the same way I did when I was a kid:  breaking off the edges and working my way around, leaving the moistest, tastiest part for last (the center!)  In this case, it truly is the tastiest part of the cookie, and when eating the center of these Ginger Snapdragons, you get an extra kick of peppery ginger!  Awesome!

My Final Thoughts:

These are the best ginger cookies I’ve ever eaten.  I would have never known they were vegan if the package didn’t say it.  These are just plain GOOD.  These are truly a LOVELY treat.  I think I shall have to put these on my holiday shopping list and put a package in everyone’s stocking – this is better than homemade gingerbread!

Over the last week or so, I have been “stalking” the Foodzie website to see if they had updated their homepage to reveal what we might be expecting in our Foodzie Tasting Box this month.  It hadn’t been updated until yesterday (Monday, April 18), though, so imagine my surprise when I not only received notification that my box had shipped yesterday, but that it was actually in my mailbox yesterday as well!  Hurray!

My package contains:  Horseradish Dill Mustard from SchoolHouse Kitchen (as well as a recipe card for Savory Mustard Palmier), Thousand Layer Spice Cake from euforia, Plantain Chips from Estrellita’s Snacks, Ginger Snapdragon Cookies from Liz Lovely, Cinnamon Almond Granola from Fiona’s Granola, and Italian Butterhorn Cookies from Cici’s Italian Butterhorns.

Also tucked inside my box was the “map card” that included a brief description of each item in my box as well as the map on the opposite side to show me from what part of the US these treats came.  Here is a scan of both sides of the card:

On the homepage of Foodzie, it also shows that Toffee Nut Bars from Celine’s Kitchen might be included in the box, and I must admit that I was hoping for an opportunity to taste those.  However, I am more than thrilled with my box, because I’ve been drooling over the Thousand Layer Spice Cake for some time now, and I am so happy that this was included.

I can’t wait to start sampling these treats!  But where to start?  I’ll certainly be posting an individual review of each as I taste them!  Until then, if you haven’t yet signed up for the tasting box subscription … you are really missing out.  It’s like a little bit of Christmas morning each month in your mailbox!