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Where to Buy:  Bluebird Grain Farms on Foodzie

Price:  $6.95 for a 1.3 lb package

Product Description:

Our most popular seller, this old world heirloom dates back to early civilization. The term Emmer refers to the type or species of grain. Emmer is the original farro (old world grain), a simple grain of 28 chromosones that pre-dates spelt. It is prepared like brown rice, cooks in 50-60 minutes or can be soaked overnight to reduce the cooking time. It makes a fabulous pilaf, grain salad, risotto, additive to soup, or sprouted for breads and salads. When cooked, its dark, plump berries add sweet, full-bodied flavor, chewy texture, and high nutritional value (over 16% protein) to every meal. It is a lovely, versatile grain that is a staple in our household. When mixed with lentils or chickpeas, emmer makes a complete protein.

What I Think:

Wow!  It’s been ages since I’ve had farro.

Trying it again after so long makes me wonder … just why have I not eaten farro in so long.  It is so delicious!  I think it may be because it is a little more difficult to find (It isn’t on my usual grocery store shelves) but it certainly isn’t impossible to find.  I haven’t really looked at Whole Foods, but I am sure I’d probably find some there.  It also takes longer to cook than other grains.

I boiled the grains for 15 minutes and served it with a sprinkling of sea salt and a little butter.  It is a very hearty, toothsome grain, although it is a bit on the hard side with just 15 minutes of cook time.  Hard, but not inedible.  For a more tender farro berry, I would recommend simmering it longer, or pre-soaking the farro.

As it is though, I like it at 15 minutes.  It makes for a deliciously different hot cereal.  Chewy and rustic, with a sweet, nutty taste.  It doesn’t need any additives, but I do like the addition of a little butter as it adds a little creaminess to it.  A longer cooked grain might also be nice served with a little milk.

My Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this opportunity to rediscover farro.  This farro is delicious and hearty!