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This picture is from Knoshbox. Click on the pic to go there.

Product Description:

There is nothing like the sweet flavor of these Belgian Liege Waffles with crispy crunchy pearl sugar crystals! Imported from Belgium.

These Belgian Pearl Sugar Waffles are available in the Knoshbox’s Marketplace for a limited time.

Tea Suggestion:

Because I normally associate waffles with breakfast – I had to reach for a black tea because black tea  goes best with breakfast (maybe that’s a bit too traditional, but there you go).  Try this Shagadelic Breakfast Blend from The Tea Spot!  It’s “really groovy, baby,” and it turns this Belgian Waffle “snack” into a sweet, light meal of sorts.

What I Think:

This product had me scratching my head for a while.  A packaged waffle?  Packaged as a snack?  Really?  It just sounded kind of weird.  I guess I come from the school of thought where waffles are for breakfast, and are best when served freshly cooked right off the waffle iron.  My youngest daughter loves the frozen waffles … and that’s her usual breakfast choice.  But, when I want waffles, I drag out the old waffle iron and I make ’em from scratch.

So this Belgian Pearl Sugar Waffle packaged like a treat – like an alternative to a big cookie or a muffin – just seemed so different and unusual and really quite odd.  But hey,  I was willing to give it a shot.

For the purposes of this review, I heated the waffle in the oven for a few minutes (not enough to really get it hot, but, just a little warmer than the room temperature waffle).  I cut it in half to try one half as is – no topping whatsoever … and with the other half, I just couldn’t resist trying some of the Bing Cherry Sauce and Preserves that was also included in this month’s Knoshbox.  (The sauce is really yummy, by the way, and I’ll be reviewing that a little later).

While I did have my doubts, these are really yummy!  They are sweet … the same kind of sweetness you might get from a muffin … but in waffle form.  I can even taste (and feel the texture from) the little pearl sugar crystals in this, and this adds a really tasty (albeit sweet) dimension to the waffle.  The texture of it reminds me a bit of the sugary crumb topping you might find on a muffin … and here it’s been baked right in to the waffle.

And to tell the truth, I like this better without the topping than with it.  Without the topping, it reminds me a bit of a funnel cake, but a little more dense and because of the denseness it has a real hunger satisfying quality to it.  With the topping, it is really sweet – still delicious (and I’m loving the Bing Cherry topping) but just a little sweeter than I wanted.

My Final Thoughts:

Yeah, I really didn’t know what to think about this waffle thing when I first got it as part of my Knoshbox, but I really enjoyed it and I think it fits in with the “fair” theme that Knoshbox selected as it’s theme for August.  Tasty – if I saw these in the grocery store, I’d buy them again.  I don’t know that I’d place a special order for them online, but, if I happened to be at the store and saw them on the shelf, I’d add a couple to my cart.

Have I mentioned how much I love Living Social lately?  I love that there is a new deal daily, and these deals offer 50% savings (sometimes more!) on local restaurants and services.  Living Social has allowed me to discover so many new places to eat that I would have probably never tried otherwise.  That’s how I discovered the Isabel Pearl.

Coconut French Toast

Order:  I ordered the Coconut French Toast ($9) and my husband ordered the Breakfast Burrito ($8)

Location:  330 NW 10th Avenue in Portland

What I Think:

Before visiting a restaurant, I usually visit the website and check out the menu if it’s available for online viewing, so that I can get an idea of what I’d like to try when I visit.  I am glad that I did that with the Isabel Pearl, because, otherwise, we would have likely visited at a lunch hour rather than for breakfast, and after perusing the menu I knew what I wanted to try:  the Coconut French Toast!  Just typing out Coconut French Toast makes my mouth start to water.

When we drove past the Isabel Pearl, we almost missed it.  It has a very modern, minimalist style to the exterior of the building that doesn’t scream out “I’m a restaurant!”  The interior decor is also quite modern and minimalist.  It’s a very hip, clean, streamlined type of place, with a nod to steampunk/industrial influence.

The Coconut French Toast is more like a celebration of coconut and the bread rather than the typical custard-y french toast that I expected.  That said, I was thrilled with this off-the-beaten-track interpretation of French toast.

The bread is very crusty and is slightly sweet and has a very chewy texture.  It was thick cut and very lightly coated with an egg custard (while most bread is dredged through the egg custard, this instead seemed like it had been lightly brushed with it) and then coated with coconut.  It was cooked until the coconut was golden brown.

The Breakfast Burrito

The result is a lightly crisp, deliciously bread-y coconut breakfast treat.  I love the chewy texture of this, it was incredibly satisfying.  The rim of the plate was garnished with a raspberry puree, and if I were to offer any type of complaint at all about this dish, it would be that I would have liked to have more puree so that I could use this instead of the syrup.

My husband seemed to enjoy his Breakfast Burrito, but did state that he thought there was too much of the cheese and egg in the burrito and he would have liked a little something else inside.  The deliciously seasoned black beans was his favorite part of the dish.  It wasn’t overtly spicy, but had a little bit of heat to it.  He shared a few bites of it with me and I must say that it was quite tasty, but I think I probably liked it better than he did … but not enough to swap plates!  There was no way I was giving up my French toast!

My Final Thoughts:

As you probably have gleaned from my review, I loved the French toast.  I enjoyed how deliciously different it was from the usual French toast.  YUM!  The breakfast burrito was enjoyable also.  This is a place I’d be happy to visit again.

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