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A few weeks ago, my husband and youngest daughter decided to have dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Vancouver.  It would seem that this dinner would be our last at this establishment, as I learned last Thursday that this location had closed permanently.

Location:  916 SE 164th Avenue, Vancouver, WA

Order:  From their new Summer Mixed Grill menu:  Mango Chicken & Jumbo Shrimp ($11.99) with steamed broccoli and white cheddar mashed potatoes on the side.

What I Think:

When we visited Ruby Tuesday, we had no idea that it would be closing in another week.  I ordered from their Summer Mixed Grill menu – I had originally placed an order from their regular menu, and then I took a look at the special menu – and ran to find my server.  She was very nice and changed my order with a smile.

The food arrived so quickly!  The chicken was nicely cooked.  It was juicy and flavorful – not a dry bite on the whole portion.  And what I noticed about this grilled chicken specifically is that it is actually GRILLED.  Not marked with some sort of artificial grill mark or grilled under a broiler.  I could taste a hint of smoke to the chicken which told me that this had been grilled over a fire.

The chicken breast was topped with a mango salsa that was sweet, chunky and had just enough spicy kick to it to keep it interesting.  That spicy note builds upon the palate, and by the time my plate was clean, I could feel that heat on my tongue.  Fortunately, my daughter had fresh apple chunks as one of her side dishes, and she gave me one to help cleanse the palate.

The shrimp were delicious, although they weren’t terribly exciting.  They were plump and indeed “jumbo” – some of the largest shrimp I’ve seen.  They were cooked nicely, not overdone or tough.

The broccoli was steamed to just beyond the tender-crisp point, to the point that I personally find perfect.  Not too mushy, but also not too crunchy.  Just enough snap to the vegetable but still tender.

To drink, I had the seasonal soda:  Watermelon Fizz.  I didn’t really read the ingredients in this drink – they had me at “watermelon.”  Fortunately, I was very pleased with this beverage, which is a concoction of fresh watermelon, lime, mint and club soda.  This was deliciously refreshing, although it is certainly not for everyone.  My husband didn’t really seem too excited about it, nor did my daughter (although she was very happy to munch on the fresh watermelon garnish).

My Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed the food very much, and the service was even better than the food.  My only complaint was that our table … well, the finish was a little worn, and (as it was explained to us by our server), the cleanser that they use to clean the tables leaves them a little sticky.  Our server was quick to help us with a rinsing wipe-down, and after that, all was well.   The service is friendly (I even had changed my order after it had been placed, and they were incredibly understanding) and very fast!  I am sad that this location is no longer open.

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