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Product Description:

This flavor is twice as nice. We start with a naturally sweet blend of grains in our multigrain chips, and then top them with cinnamon and brown sugar for a delightfully sweet treat.

I received this package in my October Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

I recommend a rich, delicious Yunnan tea with these snacks, like this Royal Gold Yunnan Tea from Zhi Tea.  The peppery notes of the Yunnan bring out the spicier tones of the cinnamon in the chips, while the sweetness of the chips enhances the sweet notes of cocoa and caramel in the tea.  A really lovely combination!

What I Think:

I see these type of popped snacks in the grocery store often, but, I can’t remember actually purchasing them.  I keep finding myself thinking that they’re just a fancier version of rice cakes, but, now that I’m trying them, I can’t believe how wrong I was!  These are really yummy!

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like rice cakes.  I might be one of the only people on earth that does, but, I like the crispy, airy texture of them, and some of the flavored rice cakes (the one that comes immediately to mind is the sea salt and cracked pepper) are worthy replacements for those fatty potato chips.

But these are really quite different from those rice cakes … They’re not only thinner and crunchier than rice cakes, but the multigrain-iness to these translates into the flavor in a very delicious way.  It tastes more substantial than the typical rice cake, but at the same time, it maintains a lightness to it – I don’t feel weighed down after eating a sample bag of these chips.

My Final Thoughts:

I love the cinnamon and brown sugar flavor of these – it reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (yes, the cereal!) only, these are less sweet, and tastier with the multigrain flavor.  These are definitely something I’d put into the cart while shopping, definitely something I’d want to enjoy again … and again!