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Yeah, I’m way behind.  I’ve said it before, and here I am saying it again!  Fortunately, though, the Goodies Box is getting better with arriving in a timely manner.  June’s box arrived on the 27th of June and while it isn’t the biggest deal when the box arrives a day or two (and in some cases three or four!) days after the month is over, I like it when they get their act together and the box comes within the month it should arrive.

???????????????????????????????This month’s box seems to be all about snacking.  There were six products in this month’s box, including a full-sized tube of STAX Que Rico Adobadas Chips, which I’ve already tried.  These are pretty tasty.  They remind me a lot of Pringles, not just because of the nature of the packaging, but the chips themselves have the same texture and potato taste as Pringles snack chips.  That said, the flavoring of these chips is pretty unique, tasting like a cross between a spicy BBQ and a picante salsa flavor.  These definitely have some kick to them!

The Cheese flavored Pringles Sticks were also tasty.  These remind me a lot of “Cheese It” type crackers, except that they’re long, very slender sticks rather than square crackers.  They’re crunchy, cheesy, and a lot of fun to eat.

The other three products in June’s box include: a sampler package of Duchy Originals Highland Shortbread cookies, Cheddar Jalapeno Pasta Chips from Pastitas, a bottle of “Dream Water,” and Honey Dijon Roasted Seaweed Snacks from Gimme.  That last one is one that makes me a little nervous, because I am not a fan of seaweed.  I’ll try ’em, but I have a feeling I won’t be finishing ’em.  I guess we’ll see!

I can’t say that I’m overly enthused by the contents of this month’s box, although I am interested in trying the Pastitas chips because of their uniqueness factor, and the Dream Water holds some appeal as well.

One thing that I am a little disappointed with is that Goodies has stopped including a product card with their box.  Instead, we get a card that says:

For details about your Taster’s Box and to review or buy, visit

This card also includes a promo code for those who want to subscribe without a waiting list.  (So if you want to subscribe without the waiting list – I wasn’t aware that there was a waiting list! – just be the first to comment on this review, include your email address, and I’ll email you with the promo code.  

But I preferred getting the product card that told me a little bit about each product.  This new card gives the box a much more “generic” sort of feel.

It’s still the best “bargain” tasting box that I’ve found … even if the products aren’t as gourmet as what I’d find with some of the other subscriptions I’ve tried.


Actually … it’s been here for a while.  I have been dealing with some personal issues, so I haven’t been writing a whole lot for my blog.  Sorry about the absence … but hopefully, I can get a few posts written and try to get caught up.  Who am I kidding … getting caught up at this point is a lost cause!  ha!  I’ll just roll with it.

I really am liking these little boxes from Love with Food.  I think I might keep these boxes going after my three month trial subscription expires.  I’ll see what next month’s box offers, and make a more definitive decision … but for now, I’m happy with what I’m getting from this company.


The International Delights product card … the same image appears on both sides … that’s the error. The other side usually has a list of the products in the box.

The theme for this month’s box is “International Delights” and what a delightful box it is.  Shortly after receiving the email notification that my box had shipped, I also received an email notification telling me that there was an error with the product card in the box.  Apparently the printer made an error with the printing of the card, and it wasn’t caught until it was too late, and the products were not actually listed on the box.

But that’s not a big deal.  The email listed the products that we received, and that’s good enough for me. I do enjoy the cards, but, they are certainly secondary to the food!  This month’s box includes:  Lightly Salted Plantain Chips from Turbana (which I’ve already consumed, and the review for them will publish tomorrow!), Almond Anise Biscotti from Biscotti di Suzi (Yum!), two tiny chocolates from New Tree (Cinnamon Milk Chocolate and Belgian Biscuit Dark Chocolate), Apple Strawberry Applesauce from GoGo Squeez, Firecracker Chocopod from Chuao Chocolatier (seriously, this is one of my favorite chocolates out there, I was so thrilled to see it in my box!), Shortbread Tea Cookies from Kyotofu (having tried some of their goodies before, I was very happy to find these in the box too), and finally Tiger Spice Chai from David Rio.  Yes… that’s right … TEA!  (PLUS tea shortbread cookies!)

Like I said, I am very happy with this box … this one has definitely won me over!  I couldn’t wait to start digging in … so like I said, I’ve already started in on the plantain chips!  Watch for that review tomorrow!  To learn more about Love With Food, click here.

Product Description:

Juicefuls fruit snacks are bursting with flavor, and we do mean that literally. The soft and chewy fruit bites with 100% fruit juice at the core erupt in your mouth, surprising your taste buds with the bright, refreshing flavor of real fruit.

I received a package of these fruit snacks in my October Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

These are really quite sweet, so I suggest something that will help you offset the sweetness a bit – something that will help to balance the taste on the palate.  My choice is for a spicy chai served straight (that is, not a latte), because the sweetness of the fruit snacks and the spices of the chai offer interesting contrast!  Try this Indian Spiced Chai from Tealicious Tea Company!

What I Think:

These are a little different than what I was expecting… although, I am not sure exactly what I was expecting.  With a name like “Juicefuls” I was kind of expecting a juice burst when I bite into one of these … sort of like Freshen Up gum… remember that gum?  You’d bite into it, and there’s this burst of gel inside?  I think that was what immediately came to mind when I first read the name “Juicefuls” … and then I also expected the outer “shell” of the fruit snack to be a different texture, I expected it to be more of a firm gelatin type of texture.

Neither of these expectations were met.  On the plus side, the fruit snack “shell” is softer than I expected it to be, it is chewy and soft.  But there is no burst of juice or anything either.  It does have a softer center than the outer shell, but, it doesn’t feel like it’s full of juice or anything.

These are tasty enough, sure, but part of me feels like I should have followed my intuition and just given this package to my young daughter, because I think she’d have appreciated it more than I did.  They are fruity and sweet, and by the time you reach the end of the package, they almost seem too sweet.

My Final Thoughts:

These are alright.  I didn’t dislike them.  And, I might even buy more in the future, but they’d be for my daughter, not for me.  These are not my typical snack food – I’d much prefer to snack on fruit rather than fruit snacks.  Alright, but, a little too cloying after a while.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Foodzie is changing.  Foodzie was recently acquired by Joyus, and what this means to me is that the Foodzie boxes will no longer be a subscription service that is automatically shipped to me.  That part wouldn’t be so bad, it’s the EXTRA ten bucks a month that is going to be tacked on to the tasting box that gets to me.

When the price was $19, I was happy.  A little skeptical at first, but once the boxes started coming in, I really felt like I was getting my money’s worth.  Then, the price jumped up to $29 late last year, and I was floored.  I wasn’t sure if I would continue the tasting box subscription, but I gave it a chance and for the most part, I was happy with the boxes, even though I did feel like it was a bit too pricy for my pocketbook.  But we all have to have our little indulgences, right?

But now that the boxes are going to be $39, that’s a deal-breaker.  I simply can’t justify spending that much on these boxes.  I might shell that out once in a while, so it is a good thing that it’s a one-off deal, and if I see something that entices me enough, I might cave in and buy it.  But I couldn’t subscribe to the box at $39 per month. 

But recently, I received a note from Benjamin at Petit Amuse, who introduced me to their Sample Box.  This box is very much like what Foodzie’s box was at the start for $19, filled with samples of different, delightful gourmet foods, a taste of something that you might not otherwise get the opportunity to try without the box.  But one big difference between Foodzie’s old box and the Petit Amuse Sample Box is that the Petit Amuse box is just $10!  Yes you read that right – that’s TEN dollars.

I just received my first box, and inside was a package of Sundried Tomato & Parmesan Popcorn from Oogie’s, Ice Wine Jelly from Caramoomel, Salted Rosemary Shortbread & Cha-Chas Cookies from Lark Fine Foods, and a Garukabar from Garukabars.  Of these items, the only one that I’ve tried before was the Salted Rosemary Shortbread cookies, but they were so amazing the first time, that I don’t mind indulging again!

Now that’s an impressive array of goodies for just $10.  No additional charges, no shipping or handling or anything else!  And what is also great about Petit Amuse is that they’re a one-stop type of shopping experience.  If you like one of the items you try in your box, you can order it from Petit Amuse, but if you like more or ALL of the products in your box, you can order them ALL from Petit Amuse at just one low shipping charge.  I LOVE that!

Also included in the box was a “contents” card which tells what is in each box on one side, and on the other, lists the ingredients of each of the items in the box.

Watch my blog for reviews of each of these items!  I can’t wait to start digging in.

Product Description:

This delectable snacking experience features almonds, apples, and flax seeds, tickled with date, balsamic vinegar and cayenne.

Learn more about Sahale Snacks on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

I highly recommend that you have a glass of iced tea nearby when you start eating these snacks!  I really like this Apple Pearadise from Big Tea House. It makes a stunning iced tea, and the sweet, fruity notes of the tea go very well with the fruit flavors of this snack mix.

What I Think:

This tasty snack mix is a wonderful juxtaposition of flavors and textures.

The flavor is all at once spicy from the cayenne pepper, sweet from the apples and dates, nutty from the almonds, and just a little tangy from the balsamic vinegar.  Add a little salt just to keep it interesting, and WOW!  So good.  It’s an exciting balance of flavors that is sure to make the palate happy.

But it is, first and foremost, a spicy snack.  So if you tend to prefer your snacks on the timid side, this is not the snack mix for you.  But if you like your snacks with a little bite – you should definitely look for these the next time you’re in your local Whole Foods Market.

The almonds are lightly glazed with a cayenne balsamic glaze and then sprinkled with flax seeds.  This gives them a nice crunchy texture and a spicy, tangy flavor to go along with the natural, nutty sweetness of the almonds.  Then chunks of apple and dates are added, which give the mix a pleasing sweetness and a chewy texture to contrast with the crunch of the nuts.

My Final Thoughts:

As much as I enjoyed the Sahale Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla, I think I might like this snack mix even more!  I love the spicy flavor of this one… it is very warm but not what I would call spicy-hot… although as I said above, you’ll want to have that iced cold tea nearby to help cool the palate.  YUM!  Seriously, I loved both of these snack mixes … so much so that I may have to try some of Sahale’s other intriguing snacks!

Product Description:

Each summer, when our herb garden begins to blossom, our boys can’t wait for the first batch of my homemade (Dude) Ranch dressing.  So, it seemed only right to model the seasoning for this chip after the one I make at home.  We added the seasoning to the multigrain chip and the combination was an instant hit!  We were all excited to have developed an organic chip that’s 100% whole grain, has 280mgs of Omega 3s, is gluten-free, peanut/tree nut free and most importantly mouth-wateringly delicious!

Learn more about Late July Organics here.  These are sold at Whole Foods Market.

Tea Suggestion:

When it comes to snack chips, I like a glass of iced tea.  One of my favorite iced teas is this Black & Blue tea from 52Teas (I have one pouch of this available for sale here) and it tastes great with these chips!

What I Think:

These are really tasty.  More often than not, when I encounter a “healthier” snack chip option, I am really excited about them, but I get bored with them pretty quickly.  After a couple of times of snacking on a few chips, the novelty wears out on them, and they don’t really taste all that great.

These chips from Late July Organic are an exception!  They have all the wonderful flavor of a ranch flavored tortilla chip (you know which one I’m talking about) but, they taste even better!  That’s because unlike those tortilla chips made of corn, these are made with whole grain corn PLUS brown rice, chia seeds, flax, millet, quinoa, amaranth and sunflower seeds!  And these whole grains and seeds impart an amazing texture and delicious flavor.  And the flavor is so lively that my palate couldn’t possibly get bored with them!

They pack a good crunch.  Salty, yes, but not over-salted (just know that the final bits at the bottom of the bag are very salty, so, if you’re one who doesn’t care for overly salty things, don’t eat the crumbs!)  The ranch flavor is zesty with a subtle creaminess to it.  I taste the tangy sour cream like flavor, along with notes of onion, garlic and tomato.

My Final Thoughts:

I try to avoid chips when I can, usually choosing rice cakes over chips for when I’m craving something crunchy.  But, lets face it, those air-popped bits of rice simply do not satisfy the hunger-grumblies the way a hearty tortilla chip can.  They may not be health food healthy, but, I think they are probably a better choice over the big-brand tortilla chips, if for no other reason than the whole grain content of these chips.  PS:  They’re gluten-free, too!


Product Description:

We think we’ve found a perfect combination of sublime flavors: Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Cashews. Our whole roasted Cashews are teamed with Pomegranate and Apple, and balanced with pure Vanilla bean. Our light glaze adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Learn more about Sahale Snacks on their website.

Sahale Snacks can be found at Whole Foods Market.

Tea Suggestion:

While these would be delicious served with a hearty black tea, I recommend trying a green tea with this delicious snack.  Try this Valley Peak (Ding Gu Da Fang) from Madala Tea.  The sweet, nutty flavor of the tea is very reminiscent of a cashew, and I think that it highlights the nutty taste of this snack.  A delicious pairing!

What I Think:

After reading the name of this snack from Sahale I knew it would be something I loved.  Cashews with Pomegranate & Vanilla?  As my husband would say, “it’s got YOU written all over it.”

And I was not wrong about loving it.  It is really delicious.  With the first few bites, the cashew flavor was a little obscured by the sweetness of the glaze and the vanilla overtones, but, after those initial bites, the cashew flavor started to come through.

The glaze gives the nut a sweetness without adding a tremendous amount of texture.  It isn’t a heavy or candy-crunchy kind of glaze that you might experience from a brittle.  The vanilla is a strong note at the beginning but after popping a few morsels in my mouth the vanilla tones started to taper as the other flavors emerged.

The dried pomegranate arils lend a slight tangy note to the flavor, but it isn’t sour or overpowering. They also add a very pleasing texture to the snack:  chewy and satisfying.  In fact, I think what I am enjoying most about this snack is contrasts in texture as well as flavor.  It is crunchy and chewy, while tasting sweet, nutty, salty, and tangy.

My Final Thoughts:

This is a deliciously different, healthy (and certified gluten free) snack that satisfies many different types of cravings.  The best part, at least in my sweet tooth’s opinion, was the last bit that was at the very bottom of the pouch that was loaded with vanilla powder and loose pomegranate arils.  It was deliciously chewy and sweet.  YUM!  And I also LOVE that these are local treats, made right here in the great state of Washington!