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Yep… another sports bar.  What was I thinking?  It was another find from LivingSocial, and this time, I managed to find a place that I would actually revisit… because their Bulgogi Beef Tacos are to die for!

sorry for the grainy quality of the photo... the bar was quite dark, and my camera just couldn't capture enough light to get a good photo. But, I still think it's a good representation of these yummy tacos.

Location:  2401 SW 4th Avenue, Portland OR (this bar & grill is actually part of the TraveLodge building, so when you get to the TraveLodge, you just need to park and walk around to the front of the building … and you’ll find Suki’s!)

Order:  For an appetizer, my husband and I shared a plate of Classic Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese Dressing ($7).  I ordered the Bulgogi Beef Tacos ($6) … I hope I spelled that right!  My husband ordered the Cheeseburger (and I forgot to note how much that plate was, sorry!)

What I Think:

First of all, I want to comment on the customer service, because when we first arrived, we were a bit surprised that the bartender was actually waiting on the tables as well.  We had our doubts, but, I must say that the customer service that we received was friendly and accommodating.  Yes, this man was very busy, but, he made sure each one of the customers in the place was well cared for.

The atmosphere … well, I have to say that – as a not-so-hot-on-sports kind of person – that I preferred the atmosphere here at Suki’s to the last sports bar we visited.  Maybe that’s because we visited on a Tuesday rather than a Sunday and the place wasn’t jam-packed full of sports fans yelling at televisions.  But, even though I’m not a particular fan of the sports theme, I found the atmosphere at Suki’s comfortable … if not a bit worn.

The Buffalo Wings were really good.  The wings were fried to crispy perfection, and they were coated with a spicy sauce that I found to be quite warm, but very enjoyable.  I like spicy foods, but, I don’t like them so spicy that I can’t taste anything else but spice.  With these wings, they were spicy-hot, but, I could still taste the tender chicken beneath the spicy sauce.

But… the Bulgogi Beef Tacos.  AMAZING.  Let me say that again.  AMAZING!

The Bulgogi Beef is a Korean style barbeque beef.  It was so tender that it seemed to melt in my mouth.  The barbeque sauce was sweet with a very mild spice to it.  The real spice, though, came from this incredible salsa that was served on the side.  It had pineapple in it, so I thought, ‘eh… it’s probably one of those spicy-sweet kind of salsas,” and I took a spoonful to taste it.  WOW!

Yes, it has a bit of sweetness to it from the pineapple, and I like the fresh, fruity flavor that it gave to the salsa.  But … it has a real kick to it too.  To counter the heat of the salsa, the beef topped a bed of cabbage and was topped with thin cucumber slices that had been sprinkled with some sesame seeds.  The tortilla was a corn tortilla that had been freshly grilled, so it had a light toasty taste and texture.  It had some crispness to it from the grilling, but it was still soft.  I liked this much better than the typical deep-fried corn tortilla.

My husband described the burger as pretty average, like a typical burger from a typical sports bar.  But the fries were less than average – and after trying a few of them, I’d have to agree.  They were cold and tasted … almost stale.

My Final Thoughts:

If you go to Suki’s, don’t go for the burger!  But DO go for the Bulgogi Beef Tacos (at this point, I really hope I’ve been spelling Bulgogi right).  These were incredible and certainly made the trip not only memorable for me, but, were enough to make me want to visit again.  Certainly best tacos I’ve had in a very long while!

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