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bobbysuesnutsProduct Description:

You’ll go nuts for these candied nuts! Bathed and baked in a bold blend of spices, they’re simultaneously sweet and savory. We’re not talking peanuts here; this jar is filled to the brim with plump almonds, cashews and pecans.

I received a packet of these nuts in my November Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

These candied nuts make a wonderful tea time snack.  They’re so flavorful and I love that gentle nudging of the spices in these nuts, so I wanted something that would bring out some of those warm spices even more.  So I made a chai latte, and I found that this Masala Chai from Blue Lotus Chai made a perfect chai to go with these sweet, salty and warmly spiced nuts.

What I Think:

Yummy!  I’m totally loving these nuts!

When I first opened the pouch, I was kind of “ho-hum … another batch of flavored nuts.”  So I popped the first one in my mouth without paying much attention, and WOW!  These taste amazing!

First of all, I love that it’s a blend of mixed nuts:  almonds, cashews and pecans.  Then the nuts are candied in a sugar and spice combination that is a little bit sweet and a little bit savory.  The result is a crunchy, toasty, salty, sweet and warmly spiced mix of nuts, and I’m going nuts for this!  I love the contrast in flavors, I love the crunchy texture of the nuts together with the subtle chewy texture of the candied coating.

These are so tasty and completely irresistible.  Before I knew it, my package was empty!  I want more!

My Final Thoughts:

I only wish that the sample bag that I received in this month’s Goodie box wasn’t so small, because it was gone way too fast.  I don’t think that this is going to be available in the stores, so I think I’m going to actually have to order more of this … and I definitely will be doing just that!

Product Information:

most popular, loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips and roasted hazelnuts, best for coffee, steamed milk with honey and hot chocolate

Learn more about Gilda’s Biscotti on their blog.

Tea Suggestion:

Well, despite the “best with” recommendation in the product description above, I did not eat these with coffee, or steamed milk, or hot chocolate.  Instead, I brewed a cup of this incredibly rich, delicious Golden Monkey Superior from Teas Etc.  The sweetness of the tea was enhanced further with the deliciously nutty hazelnut flavor of this biscotti, and the savory bitter as well as the sweet of the chocolate emerged strongly.  Delightful!

What I Think:

I mentioned in my last Gilda’s Biscotti review (Almond Anise Biscotti) that those were my favorite, and they still are.  But, these are nearing in at a very close second.  And for those who don’t care for anise (it is somewhat of an acquired taste), these Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti I think, would be more to their liking.

Like the other two biscotti varieties I’ve tried from Gilda’s Biscotti, these are deliciously crunchy and sweet, but I like that they aren’t too sweet.  They are somewhere between a biscuit and a cookie as far as sweetness goes – less sweet than a cookie, but a little more sweet than most biscuits.

These also have big chunks of hazelnut baked in them, but I don’t think that is where most of the hazelnut flavor is coming from.  I think they also have a hazelnut flavoring in them, because the hazelnut flavor has infiltrated every morsel of these biscotti.  The hazelnut is a strong flavor – very prominent in every bite.  Yum!

I find at least 1 chocolate chip in each biscotti, and that seems to be the only real chocolate flavor here.  Normally, the chocoholic in me would balk at the lack of chocolate, however, the hazelnut is so delicious that I find it difficult to complain about the lack of chocolate.

My Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed these… and the more I eat them, the tastier they are … which makes it quite difficult to stop!

Product Description:

Unapologetically flavorful with a splash of bergamot citrus. A refreshing new take on the classic Earl Grey.

Learn more about Teatulia Teas here.

What I Think:

As you may recall, this is the tea that I received in my Tea Time Treats tasting box … yes, the tasting box from September!  I had tried and reviewed this tea before, but, since I am just now finishing up the last of this tea from my September tasting box, I thought I’d explore it a little via review for this blog.

I do love Earl Grey, it is one of my favorite flavored black teas.  There is just something about the tangy flavor of bergamot when combined with the bold flavor of black tea.  An incredible flavor combination.

What makes this Earl of Bengal a bit different from a typical Earl Grey is the tea base that is used which is a black tea from a tea estate in Bangladesh.   This gives the black tea a different flavor:  it is robust and full-flavored, but with a smoothness to it that is moderately astringent.  In my first tasting of this tea, I did not note any bitterness to the cup, and while there is not a strong bitter taste with this tasting, I notice just a hint of bitterness – a savory bitterness – that hits about mid-sip.  The bitterness leaves almost as quickly as it arrives, offering just a bit of contrast to the sweeter tones of the tea and the tangy notes of the bergamot.

My Final Thoughts:

I really enjoy this tea.  A lovely rendition of Earl Grey!

Where to Buy:  HoneyPax on Foodzie

Price:  $11.00 for a box of ten packets (10 ml each)

Product Description:

Enjoy pure, raw honey anytime, anywhere! You’ve never enjoyed honey like this before. Smartly packaged in a 10ml environmentally-friendly packet, HoneyPax is a perfect way to experience the incredible taste of pure Tupelo honey wherever life takes you. On the trail, in meeting, at the gym or dinner party, its true gourmet goodness on the go.

What I Think:

For many years now, my preference when it comes to honey has been raw honey.  I don’t really use honey much except that I will occasionally drizzle it in a cup of tea, so I never gave much thought to the type of tea I would purchase, so long as it was raw honey (and preferably locally harvested), I was good with that.

I had never had the opportunity to try Tupelo honey until it arrived in the Foodzie September Tasting Box.  And, now that I have tasted it, I realize just what it is that I’ve been missing!  WOW!

Sure, it’s honey.  It’s sweet, it’s sticky, and it tastes like honey.  But, there is a lot more to it than just “honey flavor.”  There are subtle nuances to consider.  I can taste notes of jasmine, my favorite floral flavor.  There is a light, fruity flavor that adds a little bit of tangy taste to the honey.  It truly is the best honey I’ve ever tasted.

And I like these honey packets from HoneyPax.  They are easy to open, hold just the right amount of honey for toast or biscuits (I tasted my sample on 8-grain toasted bread).  They are much neater and easier to use.  I appreciate that they are packaged “environmentally friendly.”   And, I like that they are imprinted with a special code on them to tell you just where your honey was harvested!  Coolness!

On the down side, it is rather expensive.  And because of all the amazing flavor in this honey, I would most likely not use it in my tea because I feel that the flavor of the tea would overpower the flavor of the honey… and that would be quite a waste.  Not to mention the fact that since my first love is with tea, I would not want something that might interfere with the flavors of my tea, so I prefer a more neutral flavored sweetener when I sweeten my tea.  And I don’t really use honey except for the times when I do want to sweeten my tea … so I really don’t think that this honey would become a permanent part of my pantry.

My Final Thoughts:

Absolutely delicious.  I am really happy I had the opportunity to try it, even though I don’t think it is something I’d buy regularly, it certainly was a nice treat.

I’m usually excited and happy when my Foodzie Tasting Box arrives, but this month, I’m all that times ten!  Why?  The theme!  The theme this month is Tea Time Treats!!!

Could there possibly be a more perfect theme for me?  I mean, seriously, the only way to make it more perfect would be to make it a “Tea Time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Harry Potter.”  And… when that box arrives – I think I shall faint.

As it is though, I’m thrilled with this box.  It may only have five items (the boxes usually have six), but they are all perfect choices for Tea Time.  The selections this month include:  Salted Rosemary Shortbread Cookies from Lark Fine Foods, Snicker Dudes Cookies from Liz Lovely, Indian Ajwain Cashews from Oren’s Kitchen, Tupelo Honey from HoneyPax, and of course TEA … Earl of Bengal Tea from Teatulia.

What an awesome selection, right?

I’m so excited about each of these items … I have tried the Earl of Bengal Tea from Teatulia before, however, I’m happy to have it back in my cupboard, because it’s yummy.  I’ve tried a few of Liz Lovely’s cookies before, but not the Snicker Dudes, so I’m happy to try something different.

There is also something new about the map card this month… and that is … it’s not a map card!  It is a card telling us a little bit about the theme:

Sometimes I hit those moments (I’m sure you do too…) where things are swirling around so fast in my head, I call my own “tea time-out”.  There’s this amazing local tea shop in my neighborhood called Samovar Tea Lounge that I’ll pop into either on a Saturday morning after yoga or on a weeknight evening.  Sipping slowly on some good tea always clears my head.  This month we’ve packed your box with some amazing black tea (in compostable containers!) along with treats to pair with each sip.  Weather you throw a tea party or your own “tea time-out”, I hope you enjoy your tasting this month.

~Emily, Chief Eater

The card also features a little bit of information about each product in the box.

Best. Box. Ever!