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Photo from Petit Amuse.
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Oren’s Kitchen nuts are high quality, farm-fresh, and uniquely seasoned to create gourmet treats. Their elegance is perfect for dinner parties but their delicious taste will keep you snacking.

The coconut chili macadamia nuts have the perfect balance of salty, sweet, crunchy, and spicy. Fresh macadamia nuts are paired with generous amounts of coconut, a hint of honey, and red chili for a hot kick at the end.

I received a pouch of this snack mix in my November Petit Amuse Sampler Box, and is available for purchase from Petit Amuse.

Tea Suggestion:

OK… so this spicy-spicy-SPICY sweet salty snack packs a real punch of flavor, so I wouldn’t recommend choosing something that will detract from that, instead, I would recommend ICED TEA because you will want to refresh your palate!   I chose this tea:  RadioactiviTEA Southern Boy Teas from 52Teas mostly because it was the iced tea that I had already prepared in the fridge, but I think any unflavored iced tea will do when it comes to refreshing the palate, but what I really liked about this selection is that while it is a good, strong tea, it’s not overly sweet nor does it offer flavors that either get lost or interfere with the distinct flavors of this nut mix.

What I Think:

This stuff is good … but be warned, it’s got some KICK to it!  I’m not even sure what to call this … it’s not just nuts, because there are big chunks of coconut in there too … maybe a trail mix of some sort?  But I don’t know if you’d want to take this out on a trail, only because you wouldn’t want to be too far from a source of liquid refreshment – this trail mix bites back!

Its a mix of toasted macadamia nuts and toasted coconut flakes that have been coated with honey and then tossed with red chili flakes!   The result is a deliciously crunchy, spicy-sweet-salty mix that burns so good, with a flavor that is positively addictive!  Seriously, once you get started eating this, it’s hard to stop.  It’s so yummy!

The macadamia nuts are sweet, crunchy, salty and delicious.  The coconut adds a slightly chewy texture to the mix, as well as it’s own distinctive sweet flavor.  The honey adds a touch more sweetness and I’m happy to say there isn’t a sticky texture from the honey here.  And of course, the red chili adds some serious heat!  It’s a great exploration of contrasting flavors and textures.

My Final Thoughts:

If you’re one who has a sensitive palate to the spicy side of food, this is not a product I’d recommend purchasing.   But, if you’re someone who – like me – LOVES indulging in snacks that explode with contrasting spicy and sweet flavors – YOU MUST TRY THIS!

Where to Buy:  Olympic Granola on Foodzie

Product Description:

Our Chocolate Peanut Trail Bar combines peanuts, coconut, chocolate and oats for a tasty, healthy snack. It’s the perfect companion for a rigorous workout or as a healthy meal replacement.

What I Think:

OK… I’ll be honest, when I saw this in my February Tasting Box from Foodzie, I wasn’t tremendously excited.  I’m not big on granola bars (if given a choice, I’d rather have trail mix).  Interestingly enough, it was the first item I decided to try despite my misgivings.

According to the card that was included in the Tasting Box, this was supposed to be the Almond Chocolate Trail Bar, but I got the Chocolate Peanut.  A little disappointing, because if given the choice between almond and peanut, I would have chosen the almond.

Oh well… at least this gives me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone a little!

When I first opened the package, my first observation was that it was very much like a granola bar.  It looked like a granola bar and it was slightly sticky to the touch like a soft granola bar.

But – WOW!  What a delicious granola bar (err… trail bar)!

There is a nice amount of crunch to the bar.  It is a soft, chewy bar (it isn’t one of those hard granola bars you’d find in the grocery store) with the peanuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds adding some crunchy texture to the bar, while the oats and coconut give it a chewy consistency.  It has a sweet taste, but it isn’t sickeningly sweet.

The chocolate in this is more like a thin layer of creamy smooth chocolate rather than chocolate morsels.  A great improvement over the typical chocolate chip granola bar, as I find that the chocolate morsels in granola bars tend to be rather hard to the tooth and not very “comforting” as far as chocolate goes.  And when you get right down to it, when it comes to chocolate, it should be a comforting food.  This rich, creamy layer of chocolate is soft to the tooth and incredibly comforting!

When I first considered this granola bar, I had thought to myself that it was something that I probably wouldn’t order again.  But now that I’ve tasted it, it is something that I could see myself ordering.  It’s really delicious.

And not only is it tasty, but it is very satisfying to an empty stomach, too!   Really delicious with a cup of tea.

My final thoughts:

This is a granola bar that will change your thoughts about granola bars.