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Hello Everyone!  Since my last blog post did get some attention toward my Kickstarter campaign, I thought I’d come back and try again, since we’re trying again with a new Kickstarter Campaign!

52teas3The goal of the last campaign was a bit too big and I wasn’t able to attain that goal.  However, we have now reached the goal for the new campaign and if all continues to go well with it – we’ll successfully take over 52Teas!

As those of you who have read my past reviews are probably aware, I’m a bit of tea freak and this acquisition is a DREAM coming true for me.  I hope that you’ll all support me and help me make this dream a reality!

While we have reached the goal – we still could really use your help in reaching the stretch goals of the campaign.  We want a new website and we need some other equipment and the extra boost of those stretch goals will help make those things happen for me.

So PLEASE – visit my Kickstarter campaign and contribute what you can to help us!

I’ll reward you with some awesome tea!  And really, is there a better reward than tea?

And again … it’s not late!  I am!  This Graze box arrived a couple of days ago – within the month of January.  And really … because this box is set up on a 4 week cycle rather than a monthly delivery plan, so it’s all good.

???????????????????????????????And all four of these snacks in this month’s box look good!  I got a tray of fruity Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers, an Herby Bread Basket tray, a Cookies and Cream tray, and Eleanor’s Apple Crumble.  These all sound really yummy.

I love how Graze seems to balance out the snacks too.  I have some savory selections and some sweet selections in each box.  So, no matter what mood I’m in, I can find something that will please the palate.

I have a couple more Friend Invitation codes for Graze if you’re interested in joining!  The cost is just $6 per box, and this covers shipping and you can customize your shipping options to have a box sent to you every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.  Every snack tray has health benefits – these are thoughtfully curated boxes with nutritious snacks!

If you’re interested in obtaining a Friend Invitation Code, just comment on this post with your email and I’ll send you an email with the code!

???????????????????????????????Product Information:

Little crunch dried kernels of corn never tasted so good! The crunch dried process removes water while maintaining the natural flavor of the product. There are no preservatives in the product, and there’s only 2 ingredients! The bag is easy to store and makes for a great salad topping!

I received this snack in my November Love with Food box!

Tea Suggestion:

I chose to sip some iced tea while munching on this Sweet Corn Crunch, and the iced tea that I had chilling in the fridge when I opened this bag was this Vanilla Cola Iced Tea from Southern Boy Teas.  I don’t know how “ideal” a pairing this was, but the iced tea was delicious, and the snack was tasty, so I enjoyed it.

What I Think:

Wow!  These are very different from what I was expecting.  I guess I was kind of expecting something more along the lines of HalfPops or CornNuts, but this snack is like neither one.  It’s more like the cut corn you’d serve at dinner, only instead of tender and juicy, this is light and crisp.

It doesn’t have that very toothsome crunch of a CornNut.  This is a very delicate kind of crunch.  Light and crispy, like a chip, only not like a dense corn chip … more like a light potato chip but with the flavor of corn and in the size of a corn kernel.

It’s sweet and has a really enjoyable texture.  It is a very satisfying snack.  It’s deliciously different, but familiar enough that it doesn’t taste “weird.”  A really good snack!

My Final Thoughts:

I’d definitely buy this again if I saw it at the store.  I really liked the texture, and I liked the flavor.  It was a fun and tasty snack.

Since I have my Graze box deliveries set up to come every four months (I’m an “occasional grazer”!), I think I’m fairly safe in identifying them as a monthly box.  I guess it could happen occasionally that I actually get two boxes in one month, but, I don’t foresee that happening in the near future.

???????????????????????????????Anyway, I have been really looking forward to the delivery of this box since I got my last box.  I really love these boxes!  The snacks are thoughtfully created, and they’re just the right size to satisfy that urge to snack but not so big that I feel like I’ve overindulged when I eat a snack.  And the best thing about this box from Graze is that I can rate each product on their website and your ratings will help them put together your future boxes, plus it should ensure that your favorite items will come back to you.  I really like that!

This month’s box brought some really tasty and tempting snacks to my mailbox:  a snack mix called “Hot Cross Yum”, “Salsa Fresca” which includes chips and salsa, “Cherries and Berries” which is a dried fruit blend, and some “Black Pepper Pistachios.”  I can’t wait to get started.  The hard part is going to be deciding WHERE to start!

I have more Friend Invitation Codes for Graze, so if you’re interested in signing up and trying out Graze for yourself, it’s very affordable!  It’s just $6 a month (no additional shipping charge!) to get four unique snacks that have been prepared with nutrition in mind.  It’s a great way to get some YUM and feel good about it too!  Please comment on this post if you want a friend code to sign up for Graze (signing up is by invitation only!) and I will be happy to share a code with you.  Please include your email in the comment so that I can email you back with the code!