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Photo from Knoshbox.
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Product Description:

The Salty Road brings you delicious handcrafted saltwater taffy made with local apple cider jelly from Brooklyn, New York. A chewy treat with notes of apple, cinnamon and allspice with a signature sea salt crunch.

I got a box of these taffies in my October Knoshbox.

Tea Suggestion: 

Mmm!  These taffies are so good, and the only thing that makes them better is some tea to sip while eating them.  I brewed myself a pot of this Keemun Black Tea from Teasenz to enjoy with these chewy taffies, and I like the way the smoky elements contrasted with the sweet confection.  A very interesting pairing!

What I Think:

Seriously yum.  Every time I get my hands on a taffy from the Salty Road … I become more enamored with this company.  These are the BEST.  Taffies.  Ever.

I love that little crunch of sea salt that I get in every little bite.  It’s not overly salty … but there’s just enough crunch to give a different texture to the very chewy taffy … and just enough salt to cut into the sweetness of the confection.

I taste the apple.  I taste the caramel.  I taste the allspice and cinnamon.  I taste the salt.  And this is total yummy deliciousness.  It tastes like apple pie with a drizzle of salted caramel!  So very, very good.

My Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts this time are really simple:  MORE PLEASE!


Product Information:

rich. refreshing.  naturally flavored with just a hint of tartness. taste the burst of billions of bubbles in our sparkling black raspberry flavored fruitwater®. it’s a little tart, a little sweet. all delicious. just like you.

I received a bottle of fruitwater in my July Goodies Box.

What I Think:

So, the first thing that I check out when I get a drink like this in one of my tasting boxes is the label.  Does it contain Aspartame?  No, this product doesn’t, it contains Sucralose … which is still an artificial sweetener but, it isn’t as dangerous to me personally as Aspartame is.  I’m quite allergic to Aspartame, when I consume it, I am pretty much OUT for the day.  I start feeling sick, like I’m going to vomit, and I feel dizzy – well, dizzier than usual! – and I need to lay down.  I’m just NOT good after I consume Aspartame.

But, Sucralose doesn’t affect me that way, so I felt safe cracking open this bottle of fruitwater.  Unfortunately … it still tastes very artificially sweetened.  Icky!

Once my palate can get past that yucky artificial taste, I can taste the berry flavor.  This … on it’s own, beyond the artificial sweetened taste is alright … I think this would actually be something I could drink if it had been sweetened with something like cane sugar or even agave nectar.  As it is, though, I can’t drink much of this, because my palate is just telling me NO!  I suppose I’ll give the rest of this to my husband … he’ll probably love it.

My Final Thoughts:

Didn’t like it enough to even drink half a bottle of it.  The berry flavor would be nice if it was sweetened with something not artificial.  For those who don’t mind that “diet-y” chemical-y taste and aftertaste, I can see the appeal of a drink like this, but me … I’ll stick with my tea, thanks!


Photo from Knoshbox.
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Product Information:

The Salty Road brings you delicious handcrafted saltwater taffy from Brooklyn, New York. Bergamot is the classic Earl Grey tea flavor. A chewy, floral, citrus treat with a signature sea salt crunch.

I received a box of these taffies in my August Knoshbox!

Tea Suggestion:

I considered the obvious choice – an Earl Grey tea – but, then I decided that since there is already plenty of bergamot flavor in these yummy confections, I didn’t need to amplify that.  Instead, I decided to complement it with a pure black tea, so I went with this Nuwara Eliya BOP Ceylon Tea from Upton Tea Imports.  I love how the natural fruit-y notes of the tea meld so beautifully with the chewy candy.  A really delicious tea time!

What I Think:

Being a tea enthusiast (actually, I think I’m probably more of an obsessed fanatic when it comes to tea!), and as Earl Grey Tea is one of my very favorite teas out there … I have been wanting to try these Bergamot flavored salt water taffies from Salty Road for a long time … ever since I first tried the Salty Peanut Taffy!  So I was very excited when there was a whole box of these taffies in my Knoshbox for August!

These are SO yum!  I contemplated reviewing them on the SororiTea Sisters tea review blog, but since these are flavored only with the bergamot essence and not with the tea … I decided against that.  But these are such a delicious way to experience bergamot!

The taffies are very chewy, and I also notice a delicate crunch as I chew on them … the crunch is from the sea salt that is in each and every taffy!  I love the salt in these … it brings the bergamot flavors out in a very unique way.  The bergamot is tart and tangy, but not to the point of puckering. A hint of a floral note that adds to the interest of these unusual but delicious candies. There is a “juiciness” to the flavor too, the candies are bursting with citrus-y flavor.

My Final Thoughts:  

I absolutely LOVE these bergamot taffies.  I might even like them better than the salty peanut flavored taffies!  My only complaint?  The box of taffies becomes empty way too fast! ha! I really MUST order more of these … as well as some of the other flavors that Salty Road offers!

My August Knoshbox arrived on the 26th of August … which is about the time of the month that I receive the Knoshboxes (sometime between the 20th and the 30th of each month … except for February because … there’s only 28 days in February!)  I was a little concerned when I received it because the box was dented up and there is a sticker on it that says “glass” so … I was a little worried that I’d have something broken in my box.

???????????????????????????????Fortunately, this wasn’t the case.  The “glass” that the sticker referred to was a jar of honey with the honeycomb.  Mmm!  The “theme” of this box … even though it isn’t really mentioned on the card insert … seems to be items you might find at a County Fair!  Or at least … that’s what the items in the box seem to be saying to me.

There are a couple of familiar items, including Cherry Vanilla flavored Cotton Candy from Spun City and Maple Kettle Korn from Bureau’s Sugarhouse.   I’ve tried and reviewed both of these items previously (to check out the reviews, just click on the item), so I won’t be writing reviews for them again.  But I certainly will be enjoying them again because these are seriously yummy treats!

The item I’m most excited about is the Salt Water Taffy from Salty Road.  You may recall that I previously reviewed the Salty Peanut flavor of Taffy from this company and I absolutely loved it.  The flavor I was absolutely DYING to try from this company is Bergamot … and guess what’s in this month’s Knoshbox!  Yes!  Bergamot Taffy from Salty Road!  Yay!  Just another reason why I love Knoshbox more than all the other boxes out there.

Two other items round out this month’s box:  a package of sundried, sweetened cherries from All Good Provisions and the aforementioned jar of honey from Full Bloom Apiaries.

So, even though this box has a couple of repeats … they are repeats of previously sampled favorites, so I’m not complaining.  I love my Knoshbox this month!

taffyProduct Description:

Whipped to perfection to melt in your mouth, this classic candy is soft, creamy, and airy. These unique confections feature festive flavors, including Spearmint Snowmen, Chocolate Rum Wreaths, Christmas Morning Cinnamon Roll, Egg Nog Bells, and Cran-Raspberry Santas.

I received these taffies as part of my December Love with Food Box, and they can be purchased on the Love with Food website.

Tea Suggestion:

I enjoyed a cup of Vanilla Bean Black Tea from Arbor Teas with these taffies.  I loved the way the vanilla mingled with the flavors from the taffies… it seemed to bring out the flavors even more, and with the peppermint taffy especially, it added such a lovely creaminess to that experience.  Really yummy!

What I Think:

I do love taffy, but, I’m also a little bit picky about the taffy that I’ll buy.  If it’s given to me (or received as part of a box like this), sure, I’ll try it, but, as far as buying taffy … it’s gotta knock my socks off.

And while I’m not getting that knock my socks off kind of feeling from these taffies, they are pretty darned tasty.  I received four pieces of taffy in my December Love with Food box, one piece of each of these:  eggnog (which is adorned with bells on the cellophane wrappers), Chocolate Rum Wreath (wreathes adorn these wrappers), Spearmint (Snowmen wrappers), and a pink taffy that was adorned with Santa on its wrapper.

I am not sure what the pink one was.  The product card that came inside the tasting box suggested that this one might be a cinnamon roll taffy, however, the website suggests that this one could be a Cran-Raspberry Santa taffy.  Seriously, though, it doesn’t taste to me like either of these flavors.  It has a little bit of a cinnamon-like taste, but it is a very sweet cinnamon, almost artificial, and certainly did not taste at all like a cinnamon roll to me.  It also didn’t have a tartness to it that I would expect from a Cran-Raspberry taffy.  It was a very odd tasting taffy, and my least favorite of the four.  It wasn’t bad tasting, it tasted sweet and like taffy, but, it just didn’t have a real identifiable flavor and that is something I expect from taffy.

Here is what I thought of the three that I could easily identify:

Eggnog:  Sweet, tasted like eggnog that had been spiked with a little bit of … something?  I definitely tasted an alcohol-y kind of taste.  Bourbon?  I really like this taffy, not my favorite of the bunch, but certainly yummy.  I like that I didn’t have to try to guess what flavor this was … it simply tasted like a lightly spiked eggnog, and I liked it.

Chocolate Rum Wreath:  The chocolate was a subtle flavor … the rum came through mostly, and the chocolate sort of developed as I chewed on the taffy.  However, I will say that if I were simply given this taffy to eat without knowing what flavor it was, I don’t know that I’d guess “Chocolate Rum” right away.  I might guess it eventually, but, it isn’t a real clear, concise flavor.

Spearmint Snowmen:  This one was my favorite of the four, if for no other reason that it was the one that was the best representation of the flavor it was supposed to be.  Sweet, crisp and minty.  Yummy.  It was clearly, undoubtedly mint!  I think that my daughter would LOVE these taffies, since she is a big fan of mint.  I like mint also, but not quite as much as she does.  If I were able to buy just a package of these taffies, I might consider doing so.  These are great.

My Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed the taffies, but that is my sweet tooth talking more than anything.  I can’t say I enjoyed them enough to want to buy them again, but, I wouldn’t refuse them if I were offered them either.  That is to say:  I didn’t hate these, but, I’m not over the moon for them either.  I can take them or leave them.