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While wild raspberries can be traced back to eastern Asia during prehistoric times, with certain varieties also found in the Western Hemisphere, no one thought to cultivate their deliciousness until the 16th century, historians believe. Thanks to human travelers and their animal counterparts, the seeds were carried and spread—both intentionally and accidentally, worldwide.

I received this Raspberry Fig Bar in my January Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

These fig bars make a really scrumptious tea time treat.  I enjoyed my fig bar with a cup of steamy Yunnan tea, specifically, this Golden Buds Black Tea from Spire Tea.  Because I already had a cookie with fruity flavors, I didn’t want extraneous flavors to interfere with the cookie.  This Yunnan tea was instead a delicious, caramel-y, rich and satisfying accompaniment to the cookie.  Or perhaps it as the other way around …

What I Think:

I love fig bars.  Yes, the popular brand in the grocery store.  I don’t buy them though, because I know my weakness for them and I usually eat more of them than I should, especially since they aren’t something that the rest of my household would eat, and I realize I’d be the only person eating them.  I know that they aren’t very good for me, they’re way too processed. So I tend to leave them on the grocery store shelf, opting for things that I know that the rest of the house will help me eat!

But these … are really yummy.  The whole wheat “cake” part of the bar is hearty and doesn’t taste too sweet.  The filling is delicious, tasting of fig and raspberry.  I like that it isn’t too “seedy” … Yes, there are some seeds, but, I don’t feel them getting lodged in my teeth, which is one thing I HATE about raspberry foods.  I love the flavor of raspberry, but I hate those seeds.

My Final Thoughts:

These are tasty.  I don’t know that I love them enough to buy them on a regular basis, but, I think that I might consider buying them instead of the usual fig bars when I have that craving, and that would be a healthier choice than the usual!

Picture from Knoshbox. Click on the pic to go there.

Product Description:
Whitney Lamy of Castleton, Vermont bakes some of the finest New England crackers you can find for wine & cheese pairing. Her crackers are all natural, hand-made, and hand-cracked.

The Windham Wheat crackers are light, buttery and slightly salty which pair beautifully with a Vermont Jasper Hill Cheddar and oaked Chardonnay. This particular cheese has nutty, lightly caramel flavors that work so well with the toasty, buttery oak notes of the Chardonnay- while the cracker backs it all up with a salty crunch.

I received these crackers in my September Knoshbox.

Tea Suggestion:

Knoshbox suggests pairing these crackers with a Chardonnay, but I don’t drink wine very often.  Instead, I chose to pair these crackers with this Oolong Chardonnay from Vintage TeaWorks.  The smooth, softly buttery taste of the tea was a perfect match for the buttery, nutty taste of the crackers.

What I Think: 

Oh, my!  I think I may have just discovered a new favorite cracker.  I tried these ever so briefly while enjoying the Chorizo Rioja which was also featured in the September Knoshbox, but now as I sit here with a cup of tea and eat these without cheese or meat adornment, I am truly able to appreciate the complexity of the cracker.

I love that these are broken by hand, rather than by machine.  You get a sense of the love and dedication that goes in to these crackers.  They are super thin, like wheat thins … but they taste so much better than wheat thins.  And even though they are thin, they are really satisfying.  With each bite I can taste the wholesome wheat.  And, then there is a buttery taste to these too, and just a hint of salt.

Really delicious!

My Final Thoughts:

Somehow, these crackers seem a bit more like bread to me, in that they don’t taste ‘wimpy’ the way some crackers do.  Some crackers are mere snacks … these crackers are substantial enough to serve along with a meal like a hearty stew or chili.  I really like these crackers a lot.