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Photo from Love with Food.
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Product Information:

Color versus Colour? Yogurt or is it yoghurt? Well no matter how you spell it, this all natural bar takes the cake. It is a simple mix of unsulphured apricots, crunchy almonds and coconut and then topped with a smooth layer of yogurt coating.

I received one of these bars in my November Love with Food Box.

Tea Suggestions:

I brewed myself a cup of chai and turned it into a latte with Chico Chai’s Original Loose Leaf Chai.  Then I decided that this bar would make a lovely accompaniment with my chai.  The sweetness of the bar enhances the spicy notes of the chai – these two work really splendidly together!

What I Think:


The first thing I notice when I’m reading up on this bar is that there aren’t a lot of extraneous ingredients to it.  The yogurt coating has a few ingredients to it, and then there is just crisped rice, apricots, almonds, coconuts, honey and glucose syrup.

It is a little on the sweet side.  I am thinking that this could be tasty without the yogurt coating.  I mean, I like the yogurt just fine, and I have a sweet tooth so I’m not complaining about the sweetness of it … but I’m just saying that I don’t think it needs the yogurt coating.  It would be a tasty fruit and nut type bar without the coating.

There are lots of crunchy almonds and sweet apricots in this.  I can feel the texture of the chewy coconut.  I don’t taste too much honey or syrup in this, I like that these two sweeteners don’t overpower the bar and take away from the natural taste of the fruit and nut flavors.

My Final Thoughts:

I liked this.  This is something that if I were wanting a quick and easy snack, I’d grab one of these bars.  This is something that I wouldn’t mind having on hand for when I want something a little sweet.  I like the variety of textures within the bar – the chewy of the apricots and coconut, the crunchy of the almonds and the crispness of the rice.  Overall, a really tasty snack.

???????????????????????????????Product Information:

Creamy Greek yogurt and rich chocolate combine to bring you a great tasting, nutrition bar.

I received this ZonePerfect Green Yogurt Chocolate Bar in my September Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

While I wasn’t overly impressed with this bar, I was impressed with the tea that I chose to drink with it.   I went with this Organic Nonpareil Ming Qian Dragon Well Green Tea from Teavivre!  The tea was exceptional.  The nutrition bar … not so much.

What I Think:

So, I can’t tell you that I was really excited about receiving this nutrition bar in my last Goodies box, mostly because most of these so-called nutrition bars are filled with sugars and fat … and I don’t really consider either one to be particularly “nutritious.”  In fact, a quick glance at their nutrition information suggests to me that what makes these bars “nutritious” is that they have 3 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Now, during the time that I’ve been receiving various tasting boxes like the Goodies box, I have come across some really tasty energy/nutrition bars, and some of them were good enough that I’d be happy to eat them again.  This … isn’t one of those bars.

The first ingredient listed in their “chocolate layer” is corn syrup.  The second ingredient is sugar.  And … this is nutritious?

I don’t really know a whole lot about nutrition.  I’m not an expert in that field.  But, one thing that I have learned in my years on this earth is that when reading ingredient lists on the labels of foods, the ingredients are listed in order of amount that the product actually contains.  Which means … this is mostly corn syrup and sugar.   I’m not tremendously impressed here.  I certainly wouldn’t buy this because it’s really nutritious.

As for the taste … it tastes … well, it tastes an energy bar.  It has a mild chocolate flavor (and more chocolate = better … this bar did not follow that rule.) It’s crunchy.  There isn’t a whole lot of “yogurt-y” taste to this.  It’s sweet … almost like a candy bar but it isn’t.

Of the energy bars that I have tasted … I’ve tasted better than this.  This tastes like a commercially manufactured energy/nutrition bar, and that’s what it is.  I wouldn’t buy one of these for the taste.

My Final Thoughts:

I wouldn’t buy it for the taste or the nutritional qualities of the bar … in other words, I’m not buying it.  Not impressed with this at all, and after tasting this bar, I’m happy (again) that I’ve cancelled my subscription to the Goodies box.