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saltvinegarProduct Description:

Made from nutrient-rich cassava, these gluten-free chips contain 30% less fat than regular potato chips. With an unforgettable crunch and an abundance of tempting flavors, Wai Lana Chips are a uniquely delicious, all-natural snack.

Learn more about Wai Lana on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

With these zesty chips, I highly recommend iced tea!  You’ll want something that quenches the thirst and washes over the palate to ready it for more!  I brewed some of this Red Vineyard tea from Fusion Teas and let it cool, and I loved how the sweet fruity notes contrasted with the sharp acidic tones of the vinegar and the salty taste in these chips.  A really delicious snack!

What I Think:

Oh goodness … these just may be my favorite Wai Lana Chips thus far.  I love Sea Salt and Vinegar flavored chips anyway, because I love that tangy, sour vinegar-y taste together with the salt.  And that is coming from someone who normally shies from sour flavors, but all bets are called off when it comes to vinegar.  I became a huge vinegar fan when I was young … my gramma used to add a splash of vinegar to green beans when she served them to me, and this is the way I prefer to eat this vegetable now … and let’s not forget the malt vinegar sprinkled over french fries (chips?) like they do at H. Salt Fish & Chips.

And even though these chips aren’t made from the humble potato, but the Cassava (Yucca) root, they sure do the distinctive flavors of vinegar and salt proud!  These are tangy and delicious.  The yucca root notes are mild with the stronger flavors of vinegar and sea salt, but, it does taste different than a potato chip.  It has more of a savory flavor, and I like the way this melds with the other flavors.  I prefer these over salt and vinegar potato chips!

My Final Thoughts:

As I’ve professed with my previous reviews of the Wai Lana Chips, I’m a sucker for the texture of the Cassava chips.  Here, the slightly savory, very mild onion-ish kind of taste of the cassava works so well with the flavors of tangy vinegar and salt.  I love these.


Product Description:

Made from nutrient-rich cassava, these gluten-free chips contain 30% less fat than regular potato chips. With an unforgettable crunch and an abundance of tempting flavors, Wai Lana Chips are a uniquely delicious, all-natural snack.

Learn more about Wai Lana and their products on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

When I snack on chips, I usually prefer cold liquid refreshment … iced tea!   And since I had just recently brewed some Houjicha from Tealet, and what was left in the pot had cooled, I decided to pour that over ice and enjoy it with these chips.  This pairing really made a lovely snack!  The toasty flavor of the Houjicha brought out some of the hints of spice in the Cassava that I might not have noticed otherwise.

What I Think:

Not too long ago, I was contacted by Wai Lana products, after they had read my review of the Herb & Garlic flavored Wai Lana Chips … they offered to send me some more of their chips to taste and review!  Since I really enjoyed the Cassava chips from Wai Lana that I had tried previously, I was certainly eager to try more of the Wai Lana products so of course I said yes!

This is one of four samples that I was sent, and I chose to try this one first because I wanted to get a better idea of what the Cassava chip tasted without seasoning or flavoring.  And I really like it!  I like this better than I would like a plain potato chip, which I usually find relatively boring.

These chips are really light and crispy, with a sort of “air popped” quality to them and I like that texture.  It still as a sort of “fried” kind of taste to it that is very appealing, but, it doesn’t taste greasy.  The texture of these reminds me a bit “Funyuns” … you know, those onion ring like chips?  They’re a bit thinner than the average Funyun, but, it has that same crunchy kind of texture … and after a while I pick up a very delicate onion flavor which may be from the Yucca (Cassava) or the leek that I see in the ingredients list.  It’s a very slight onion-y flavor, but it is really quite nice.

The Cassava is a relatively mild taste, very much like a potato would be, only I think that this has just a little bit more of a savory edge than a typical potato chip.  It could be because of the leek flavor that comes through, or it could be that what I’m tasting is the Cassava, it’s hard to determine.  But, I do prefer the texture of these Cassava chips versus the texture of the average, thin-cut, greasy potato chip.

My Final Thoughts:

These unflavored or “Natural” flavored chips would be great served with dip, if you want to (the curved, cup shape of these chips would make a great dip chip!) but I found them quite tasty without any dip … just eaten on their own.  Crunchy and delicious.  I did like the Herb & Garlic flavored ones a bit better than these, just because I like garlic!  But, I did really like these, and I liked that I was able to explore the flavor of the Cassava a bit more!