Links I Love

These are a few websites that I visit on a regular basis and highly recommend!

Art Journal:  This is my Art Blog where I not only write about my art but also feature other artists whom I admire.

EccentricPastiche Artfire Studio:  In addition to being a foodie and a tea enthusiast, I am also an artist.  An altered art/mixed media artist to be exact.  You can see what I have available to purchase in my Artfire studio!

Goodies Company:  Yeah, yeah, it’s run by Wal-Mart.  I’m not fond of Wal-Mart, but I still appreciate a good tasting box when I find one, and this one is pretty good!  It’s absolutely affordable (Just $7./month, including shipping!) and each box is packed with six or seven awesome food samples.  I’ve actually been quite impressed and pleased with this box, even if it is Wal-Mart!

Flickr:  Well, my Flickr photo stream, anyway!

KnoshBox:  Another box that I subscribe to.  This is the box for those who really miss Foodzie and want a box that is similar to what Foodzie used to be.

Living Social:  I love Living Social.  As a foodie, I enjoy eating out at new and exciting places but I don’t like paying full price, nor could I afford to!  Living Social offers AWESOME daily discounts to many places in Portland (not just restaurants!) and I like discounts!

Petit Amuse:  This is a very reasonable subscription (Just $10 plus $2 shipping), and the samples are delightful.  If I were to recommend only one tasting box to subscribe to, this would be the box I’d recommend because it’s affordable and the gourmet samples are yummy!

SororiTea Sisters:  This is a joint venture with an on-line friend.  The two of us are passionate about tea and writing – and this is our tea review blog, where you can learn about the teas we’ve been enjoying lately:  what we think about it and where you can get it!

Steepster:  I often call Steepster the “Facebook” for tea enthusiasts.  I am often on Steepster, either writing brief notes about the tea I’m currently sipping or reading other people’s notes and learning about teas that I can no longer live without tasting!

Tea Samplers:  I have a lot of tea, as you might imagine.  I review no less than two teas per day on average (this is a pretty conservative average, actually, it’s probably more like 4 per day) – and I drink more than that.  So… needless to say I have a lot of tea.  I’d like to share some of this tea with you, if you’d like!  Each of the tea samplers that I sell are teas that I’ve tasted and enjoyed and even reviewed!

Twitter:  Follow me on Twitter!

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