Blue Cheese & Fig Crackers from O Pair

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  O Pair on Foodzie

Product Description:

And why not? You may think that blue cheese and figs are a strange partnership, but one taste of our crackers and you’ll never think so again. The moment you open the package you’ll experience an aroma that will call up memories of farmers’ markets luxury delis. We use blue cheese with the pungent tang that defines superb craftsmanship. Combined with our outstanding figs, every bite is a fusion of piquancy and sweetness that is a perfect balance of flavors; sharp, a bit salty, with rustic tones that render a bold, deep mouthful.

What I think:

When I saw the sneak peek on the homepage of Foodzie of what goodies we might expect in our March Taster’s Box, I was very excited to see these shortbread crackers were to be included.  I have been debating with myself about ordering them since I first noticed them as a “new product” on the Foodzie homepage, so I was very happy to see that I would have the opportunity to try before I buy.

These are delightful!

The texture of the cracker is very much like a shortbread cookie.  Soft to the tooth and the buttery cracker melts in my mouth!  I love this – it’s like a savory shortbread cookie!

The blue cheese flavor is not as pungent as it would be if I were eating a chunk of blue cheese as opposed to having it baked into a cracker.  The flavor has been subdued somewhat by the presence of the other ingredients.

In the first couple of crackers, I didn’t really notice much of the fig flavor, although I did notice the hint of sweetness it imparts.  The flavor develops as I continue to snack on the crackers, and I can feel the texture of the fig pulp.  The cracker is at once sweet, sharp, buttery and just a little salty.  Delicious!

O Pair suggests sipping either a Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or a Pedro Ximenez sherry while eating these scrumptious crackers, however, I am not a wine drinker… I prefer tea.  So I chose Superior Pouchong from Drink T to sip as I nibbled on these crackers.  The natural sweet notes of the Pouchong come alive with this pairing, as do the floral qualities of the tea.  I notice a more defined sharpness from the blue cheese and the flavor of the fig becomes more pronounced as I sip the Pouchong.

My Final Thoughts:

This is an absolutely fantastic experience, and I am definitely going to get more of these crackers!  I can’t wait to try them with other teas to see how the flavors develop!

  1. Jacky says:

    Totally agree, these are great. Just finished mine and I must order more!

  2. Anne Downen says:

    I did order more, and I have found them to be quite good with a hefty Assam too. My current favorite is the Assam Satrupa FTGFOP1 from Element Tea. My review of this tea will be published soon on the SororiTea Sisters blog:

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